How much to cut?

The Blog Hop Give Away is nearing its end.  I have only a few more blogs to visit. I hope you have visited all the blogs and are returning here to see what tip I have for you today. 

Well, it was a very busy day yesterday and today.  I had this blog saved as a draft with a few links for websites with measurements and conversions for quilters. One webpage I utilize is Quilter's Paradise's Fabric Measurement Conversion.  When I go to a store to have fabric cut I can remember 36" is 1 yard, 18" is half a yard, and such.  But there are times I know I need 22" to make some home decor item, or 31" for something else.  If I don't want to buy more than I need, I go to this site, type in the inch measurement I want and the calculator will tell me what the decimal and the yardage measurements are. There are also other calculators available for quilters which include backing, batting, binding, boarders as well as some having to do with piecing, setting corners, and more. It is a very nice tool for quilters and I appreciate that it is available. 

One of the things I always found fascinating was the number of squares we can get from a fat quarter of fabric. This helped me realized that when I purchased fabric, I did not need to get 5 yards of every piece to make a quilt.

  • 99    2" squares
  • 56    2.5" squares
  • 42    3" squares
  • 30    3.5" squares
  • 20    4" squares
  • 16    4.5" squares
  • 15    5" squares
  • 12    5.5" squares
  • 9      6" squares
  • 6      6.5" squares
While this is a short blog this evening, I hope the calculator is of help to you.  Happy fabric shopping.  

From all the wonderful comments and tips I have received, I am looking forward to selecting one lucky person to win the two patterns on March 15, 2013.  I will post the winner sometime after 12 pm EST.  Best of luck to everyone and thank you, again. 

My give-away:  Leave a comment telling about a quilting or sewing tip or tool you have discovered.  Share it with us.  On March 15, 2013, one random comment will be chosen and that lucky winner will receive 2 of my patterns via email--so make sure you leave an email address so I can send the patterns.  

  Here are photos of the projects I made and then developed into patterns: 

Love You wall hanging

Wavy Panel Banner

The banner is able to be modified into a table runner or placemats for a different use.You can use panels you have purchased, make your own, or use a fancy fabric for the top section.  The pattern is able to be modified for various size panels as well.  It is quite versatile. I am binding the table runner I made for Valentine's Day and plan to put a photo of the finished table runner on the blog this weekend.  

These patterns are available for purchase at under Patchwork Breeze. 

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