Sunny Quilt Day

It's been a busy day from the start!
It began with me fixing hubby's cell phone. It said the SIM card was not recognized and there was nothing on his network. I told him I would research what to do while he and his cousin went river fishing, hoping to catch a steelhead or two. I cut two tiny pieces of post-it note paper to pad the SIM card and give it enough pressure to make a connection with the inner workings of the phone. I also wiped the copper curcuit on the SIM card with a micro fiber wipe and a dab of alcohol to clean it. All is working well now! Glad his cousin has a cell phone with him.

The sky was dreary until about noon. The sun finally came out and the snow is melting! (OK, there is some rain coming in this evening and maybe a little snow over night.)

I'm sitting at the dining room table working on a pattern for an upcoming blog hop listening to the drip, drip, drip from the roof. But it is great to have the sun shining in the windows. 

The pattern is for the September Row Along hosted by Seams To Be Sew. The theme is My Happy Place. We are required to have the pattern ready and sent to our host in June. I am trying to work through EQ7 with the piecing and have not learned the ins and outs of the paper piecing printing in EQ. But if I can fix a cell phone, I'm sure I can figure this out, too.

I have this binding to put on a T-Shirt quilt that is a graduation gift. I'll press it and get the sewing machine to the dining room table, because this quilt is BIG! (75" x 84") This young man is tall. I used all the t-shirts his parents gave me. I am sure this quilt will cover his dorm bed.

I am following 2 blog hops.
I made sure I visited today's blogs for the Island Batik Alumni Ambassadors blog hop. A list of the participants can be found HERE.
And the other is a blog hop in which some of my bee mates are participating. They are using Simone's fabric collection, On You Mark  by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics. You can find a list of the bloggers HERE. Her fabrics are so fun looking and the projects that have been made with them so far are wonderful.
Thanks for visiting. I wish you a sunny day and hope you get time to craft.


Spring Fling Blog Hop Begins

Today is the first day of the Island Batik Alumni Ambassador Spring Fling Blog Hop!

Wow, that was a mouthful!

Well, those of us who have been ambassadors do have some pieces of fabric leftover. I haven't done much with my scraps in the two years that I have been away from creating with Island Batik. I liked the opportunity to get spurred into using those beautiful scraps.

My blog post date is April 21, so come back to see what I made with my scraps (or some of them)!

In the meantime, visit the other ambassadors (alumni and current) who have some projects to show you.

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Projects This Week

This past week I worked on a number of sewing projects.
I've been using my paper calendar to keep up on what I needed to do to keep up with deadlines.

I embroidered Michigan potholders for the shop I consign with. These take about 30 minutes each to make--AFTER I choose the fabrics and threads!

I finished sewing the long middle strip of fabric in the quilt top my daughter worked on 2 weeks ago at her house. 

She and her husband got a very pretty grey day couch for the living room and she wanted these colors in a pattern she saw on Pinterest. We drew out the design (we even got to look up the Pythagorean Theorem to find the width and length of the quilt), figured the fabric amounts, went shopping and started! 
We cut the strips and layed them out before sewing anything. 

She did change out small orange strips with the small yellows strips--there was just too much orange for her. She did most of the work, I just gave her tips for ease in making it. 

I finished squaring it up at my house. I have a 56 x 36 cutting mat on the pool table (Hubby has given up trying to keep me off of it.) and used a few rulers to get everything right. 

This weekend I will visit her and she can decide on how she wants it quilted. How would you quilt it? Matchstick, lines parallel with the base of the white side triangles? Or something all together different? 

I also am the Queen Bee of the Gridsters Bee 2018 this April. I look forward to the mail deliveries. I got 2 blocks today from Rachel. 

This is the schoolhouse friendship block I designed. When I get it the pattern corrected and the quilt done (hopefully by June) I will post the free pattern. I am keeping up with adding the sashing and using my design wall. 

And I continue to work on The Endeavourers Challenge quilt that will be revealed on May 1, 2018. The theme of "Change/Transformation" really had me pondering for a month.

What have you been working on?


Quilty Mail

This month I am the Queen Bee of the Gridsters Bee Group. The block I asked my fellow beemates to make was one I designed that I'm calling "Schoolhouse Friendship Block." I have wanted to make a schoolhouse quilt for 20 years. I thought by asking for help making the blocks, I might finally get the quilt done.

Here are the two I made when I tested the pattern. 
The roof is paper pieced and the rest of the block is pieced units. 
Here are the 4 blocks that came in the mail. 
I only expected one block from each member.
Mary made the top two. and Joan made the bottom two. 
Joan even made a pincushion with a schoolhouse. 
The pieces around the door are 1/4" wide!

I'm working on my projects for:

Island Batik Alumni Ambassadors 
Spring Fling Blog Hop
Begins April 16, 2018

The Endeavourers Quarterly Quilt Challenge
Reveal May 1, 2018
Theme of "Change/Transformation"


What are you working on today?


Spring Fling Blog Hop

As a former Island Batik Ambassador, I am in the ranks of IB Alumni Ambassador. We, the Alumni, try to stay in touch and share our quilting on a private FB group. 

Fellow Alumni, Patti Bochey, wanted to get some of us together via the internet for a blog hop. We all have some pieces, bit, scraps, chunks, and such, of Island Batik fabrics left in our stashes. So the Spring Fling Blog Hop is focusing on the idea: 

 Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!

We are making small items. I really like Island Batik fabrics and have some scraps that are 2 inches and larger. I am going to use these scraps

and these larger pieces. 

I haven't used my Accuquilt Go! in a while, so I am going to cut pieces for flying geese units. I am not sure of the final project, but I will be ready to show my project on April 21. 

Be sure to follow along starting April 16. 

Here is the list of participating alumni and their post dates:

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