Shop Hops Revisited

I am joining Val's Tuesday Archives with today's theme of Shop Hops.
Instead of linking each of my shop hop posts individually at Val's Quilting Studio, I am going to give you the links in this post.

My husband and I have taken a few trips south to warmer places for a little while in the winter. My husband doesn't mind stopping for me to have a short visit to some quilt shops along the way. But for some serious quilt shop hopping I have taken a yearly bus trip for four years that is filled with lots of stops at quilt shops in many of the states as well as seeing the sites as we travel. These bus trips have satisfied my desire to travel to places that my husband isn't really interested in.

So here are the posts that tell about the shops I have visited. Let me know if you have been to any of the same shops, or know of one that no one should miss.

Front Porch Quilt Shop

JEllen's House of Fabrics 

Cleveland ...By Way of Quilt Shops

Bolts of Fabric

Bus Trip During Row by Row

Robert's Quilt Shop So Many Fabrics

Missouri Star Quilt Company

New Mexico Quilt Shop

One Last Shop in New Mexico


Appreciating Sewing Time

With our daughter's wedding and then my hip replacement surgery, most of my sewing was put on hold for the last 1-1/2 months. The happy couple are settled after their honeymoon. My recovery is going very well four weeks after surgery. I am walking much better and got the O.K. to drive. I am able to walk downstairs (carefully) and I was able to do a bit of sewing.

I finished sewing a sample of my row for the Christmas Caroling Row Along coming in September, hosted by Marian at Seams To Be Sew. I am sorry I can't show you what it is; but I will say it is a pieced row that measures 10" x 30" and has so many possibilities for it's use.

I made one sample of a child-sized bucket hat for The Yellow Window Boutique and Consignment Shop. I have so many children's fabrics I can use. It was very satisfying to sew a non-quilt project. I'm going to make more in various sizes. More quilt-related items are on my daily schedule.

I am so happy to be at my sewing machine again! There will be more photos to post soon.

FABRIC, here I come!


Giveaway Winner Selected

 Just a few moments ago I pressed the Rafflecopter button to select 
a random winner for last week's giveaway. 

I am happy to announce that it is Quilting Tangent! 

I emailed Quilting Tangent for a mailing address 
and will be sending out the leftover Island Batik fabrics (about a yard or so)
from the Funky Friends Factory patterns I made very soon!
I took a tally of the patterns that people said they liked. 
The pattern listed the most was the Hedgehog.
There was a tie for second place between Raff the Giraffe and the Bear. 

Thank you to all who visited my blog and Facebook page and entered the giveaway. 
I wish you happy sewing!


Funky Friends Photos Found and Giveaway

My last blog post was about the Funky Friends Factory stuffed animals made by Island Batik Ambassadors for the Island Batik display at Quilt Market this past week. I wasn't able to find any photos of my stuffies and the other IB Ambassadors' stuffies on social media.

Thanks to Pamela, from Pamela Quilts, I was able to see photos of my two stuffies on display, along with many other Funky Friends. You can see the photos HERE on Canton Village Quilt Works.

I enjoyed making the stuffies. If you are interested in sewing something a bit different, visit Funky Friends Factory HERE. Sign up for the newsletter and Pauline has a free pattern for Honey Teddy.
Follow her blog to see the new patterns and other activities she has going on. While you are there, grab one or more of the free patterns on her blog (Felt Cupcake Pattern, Christmas Hat Sewing Pattern, Knitted Sheep Pattern, Gingerbread Man) and watch video tutorials showing how to easily make these patterns. Gaining confidence by using a free pattern will help you choose a pattern to purchase to make for a gift or donation. The next pattern I want to try is Hannah Hedgehog.

I have Island Batik fabrics left from the Funky Friends Factory stuffies I made. Enter through the Rafflecopter form below. There are 2 entry chances. I will choose the winner on June 5, 2017. Unfortunately, I can only mail to United States addresses. If your name is selected and you live outside of the United States,  I will email 2 of my PDF quilt patterns to you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Funky Friends at Quilt Market

While reading blogs this morning, I came upon Bea's post about Funky Friends at Quilt Market. While the snow was still flying, the Island Batik Ambassadors were asked if we would like to sew some stuffed animals for Quilt Market 2017 using Island Batik fabrics and Funky Friends Factory patterns. I said I would sew two, Stu the Sea Turtle and Dilby Duckling. I sent the finished animals to Island Batik in March.

The patterns were fairly easy to sew. The size of the stuffies were larger than I thought they would be. And that was helpful in sewing all the pieces together. In fact, I haven't sewn anything like these in a YEARS! And it was fun.

With all the things going on in life, I completely forgot about the Funky Friends until I saw this photo on Bea's post. There in the front was Stu the Sea Turtle, that I sewed! I tried searching for other photos of Funky Friends to see others that were made. I found a few, but not my Dilby Duckling,.

So, I will post the pictures I took before mailing the stuffies. If you spot one of my Funky Friends out there on the internet, let me know!