EQ Designing

A week ago I had foot surgery and today I am finally am thinking about quilting. 
Since I have one more week of laying down (somewhat) with my foot propped up, I decided to use my EQ7 program and design some quilts, or learn some designing techniques. 

An email from On Point Quilter, Kari Schell, came today. 
She told about her short video on creating Improvisational Fabric to use in quilt blocks. 
You can find it HERE.
Kari works with EQ8, but many things can be translated into the earlier EQ7 version. 
EQ8 might be entering my quilting life in a few months!

It was fun to do. This is the block of scrappy fabric I made.
(I know some of the lines disappeared when saving and there are some angles that really can't be sewn, but when it is cut up and used in blocks on the computer screen, no one should know.)

I used Kari's tutorial with the friendship star block and worked a few colors and layouts and got these quilts: 

With a few fun things to do on my laptop while I recuperate, life will be a bit less boring. 

Check out On Point Quilter's videos, patterns and the gallery of quilts she has quilted with the longarm! 

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My Actual Post Date for Where Flowers Bloom

to my day's post for the 
Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop

Carla from Creatin' n the Sticks is hosting this fun June hop to take us into SUMMER!

I wanted to combine some embroidery with some quilting.
We needed some placemats for the table. I have a coaster embroidery from Embroidery It that I wanted to make.  I made the 4 flower coasters with some summer stash fabrics.
I really like the embroideries from Embroidery It. They are easy enough to make. The stitching actually covers the trimmed edges. And the detail around the satin stitching gives them a wonderful finish.

For the placemats, I found some batiks that had similar colors in them to make them reversible. I watched a YouTube video that was very easy to follow. These placemats were made in 2 hours from start to finish! I couldn't be happier.

If I had more fabric from the coasters, I would have embroidered some of the flowers on the placemats with some appliqued vine stems.

Here are the other bloggers and their post dates for the blog hop. I hope you find a project you want to recreate!

(I used free watercolor daisy clip art from angiemakes and learned a bit more about my Photoshop Elements program when I composed the graphic above.)

For anyone who saw this post in May, I apologize for my earliness, too much going on and trying to rush.


Quilt Projects Completed

I worked furiously to get many sewing projects done during the past 2 weeks as I will be taking a few weeks off because of upcoming foot surgery.

Two finished quit projects I sent to my favorite longarm quilter, Michelle Fialek, are finished and they both look beautiful.
The table topper made from leftover corners cuts from the mystery quilt I worked on this past winter.

I love the swirls that Michelle put in the pinwheel blocks which gives them a spinning effect. 

Before approving the final Cranes Wallhanging pattern for Cut Loose Press, I followed the directions and made a second wallhanging.

I like to see how other quilters deal with the quilting motifs. 
Michelle saw fluttering birds, and her quilting works toward showing the fluttering. 

Michelle also quilted my TREES quilt from the 2015 Mid-Century Modern Bee exchange. 
This is a improvisational block I designed. 
I like the breezy-like quilting Michelle did and I am working on finishing a faced binding on it. 

Happy Stitching!
I'll be back in a few weeks.


Scrappy Hearts Blocks

Mary, June's Gridster Bee "Queen Bee" asked the members of the group to make a scrappy heart block following the pattern from Sophie's blog.

The 8" finished block was so fun to make. Mary told us if we wanted to share more of these blocks with her, she would accept them. I had a tote drawer full of red scraps and sent her 4 blocks. I can't wait to see her quilt completed.

I have so many more red scraps that I am going to work on some hearts for myself!

How many scraps do you have?


Random Thursday Moments

FedEx delivered the two 1/2 yard cuts of Northcott Fabric this morning. These are the colors I chose to use in the row I am designing for My Happy Place Row Along. Seams To Be Sew is hosting another row along in September. I am busy working on the pattern. I have tested it with fabric from my shelves, but NOW the Northcott fabrics will make the final row!
On my walk to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, I had to take a photo of these flowers growing in the gravel of the driveway! I guess the rain of the past week helped plants in the most peculiar of places! 
And outside the front door: 
Iris (that I brought from my mother's garden years ago) that are the tallest, largest, and brightest I have ever seen them!
Years ago my father-in-law planted pansies by our front door and I am sure this one must be popping up from those, because I haven't planted any pansies!

I am waiting for the furnace repairman to find out why the auto pilot on the furnace would not ignite the other day. With temps going into the 80s for the next 7 days, I am not too concerned, just want it fixed!