One Day at Quiltweek in Grand Rapids

I attended the AQS Quiltweek Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday this past week. I didn't take any classes, but enjoyed viewing the rows of quilts on display, seeing some quilting friends I don't see very often, and checking what the vendors had to sell.

The exhibit of 300 memorial quilts on display this year was very moving. These quilts were made to honor those who died in the 9-11 attacks. Blocks were made and sent from all over the world and then sewn into the quilt. These are a few of the photos I took.

I made sure I got to see the quilt made by my friend, Rejeanne. She titled it, Focus.


Grandma's Crocheting Started My Collection

My copy arrived on Saturday!

I was delighted in late April, 2019, to learn that my submission for the Vintage Life volume of Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration was accepted for publication. 

Filling 448 pages, over 80 participants contributed stories about their vintage collections. That's me on page 392!

I have been collecting crocheted potholders for many years. It all began, as a child, when I got one of my grandma's crocheted dress potholder after she passed away. 

I was 8 years old when she died. I remember my mother telling me about all the items Grandma crocheted over the years to use in her house and to give as gifts. One story I found inspirational was that my grandma broke her arm later in life and told the doctor that he had to cast it so she would still be able to crochet. That's how much she liked the crocheting. 

I learned to crochet when my 6th grade teacher offered a few weeks of after school lessons to anyone who wanted to learn. I made a few things over the years, including an afghan for our first daughter. I put the crochet hooks away as I enjoyed quilting more. I began collecting potholders from various resale stores. Being able to examine and touch the potholders influences my purchases. 

Do you collect items? Perhaps items that recall life as a child?