August 14, 2012 

Yes, it has been a few weeks since I last posted, but a busy time.  We moved our younger daughter back home after her internship ended in Columbus, OH.  I have been working on organizing my sewing areas!  Yes, plural.  I have found that cluttered areas do detract from my productivity.  

I visited the Small Art from the Heart exhibit today - at The Stream in Newaygo - it is running through September.  The artwork is amazing.  I was so impressed with the detail of some of the work done on these small cards (2.5" x 3"). I found that my yellow bug card had a sticker announcing 2012 Award.  There were a few other cards that had these stickers on them.  I do not know what it means yet, but am sure I will find out soon. 

I will post some finished projects in the next day or two.  (I have been sewing a bit, even amid the clutter!)