3 Little Trees


I took a photo of a small paper piecing project I made--from start to finish.  I liked the idea of using a different color combination from the typical green, white, blue of the season.  Quilting with the circles was not difficult at all.

Now, off to the "studio" to work on some more letter patterns for the book proposal.


Ice Dyeing Results


I have finally taken the photos from my camera of my dyed fabric from the ice dyeing class last month.  Two weeks ago I took the fabrics out of the containers and rinsed, rinsed and rinsed the dyes out of them.  When I finally was able to iron them "to make the magic happen," I took photos.  Here are the results:

bottom parfait fabric when wet
drying the fabric with iron

top parfait fabric dry
top parfait fabric wet

dry red fabric
wet with 3 reds

not sure of dye colors
not sure of dye colors
These fabrics would look so wonderful used in a landscape quilt project like the one I posted yesterday. 

I was quite happy I finished the binding on the watercolor heart quilt that I started about 9 years ago.  I had quilted this last month with the "Leaf It Alone" method Sally Terry taught at the AQS show.  I have triangles sewn in the top back corners as shown on Ami Simms' Alzheimer website for hanging smaller wall quilts.  Now to get it hung. 


Book Proposal Work


 I was very productive with getting three of the patterns written up for the proposal. Things are coming together, which helps me keep my focus.

Before I sat down to work on the proposal for the quilting book, I went to craft sales at two churches today. I found only a few items but was able to catch up with a number of acquaintances and friends.  The most exciting thing was that I bought some raffle tickets at one bazaar and got a call in the early evening telling me I had won the two quilt books.  While I like working with tessellations in quilts, it was Pam Bono's book that I really wanted. Can't wait to dig into these and find some projects.

Two More Quilts Bound


Today I went to The New Ewe with my sewing machine and two quilts to bind.  I had quilted the batik myself at Inspirations of Art Studio last month. The other was quilted by Laurie Deater.  I was very happy to have finished a few more projects.  My intent was to donate the batik quilt to the Cancer Therapy Center and the colorful one was to go to a friend's daughter.  But since it has been a few years, I think a slightly more mature quilt will be better for a gift for my friend's daughter.
48" x 48"

54" x 73"
I met two very nice ladies who were sewing at The New Ewe this weekend.  Sharing the sewing space was nice as we all shared many tips and stories.  Found out they had been teachers, so we had lots in common.

Landscape Workshop


Today I attended a workshop taught by Ann Loveless.  The Tall Pine Quilters Guild had her come.  She taught us how to make a lake collage wall hanging.  By the time the 5 hours were up, we had the sky, water and sandy beach done.  The next step was to add the trees and ground details.  I took 2 hours more before the guild meeting to add the trees, leaves and begin the grasses.  Here is my progress up to this point.

Ann spoke at our guild meeting that night.  She had a PowerPoint presentation showing her studio and how she makes her art quilts.  She described her three styles.  I returned home very excited to finish my project.