A College Graduate

Gosh, when I looked at the date of my last post, I thought maybe I had been gone on a trip. 
But, alas, no. It has been a busy 10 days around our house. Our daughter finished her college career on May 9 with her last "final exam." She accepted a job offer in March, so packing began to move her to her new apartment in a new city for a new job. We took two pick-up trucks (one pulling a trailer), her smaller car and my vehicle. Of course there were things she needed to purchase, so we went shopping for a couch, TV stand, food supplies and other necessities. We are packing a box of things from my kitchen cupboards (I have 2 of many things) to get to her. One of the things she asked for is one of my sewing machines. YES! I will be getting one of them ready to take to her as soon as possible. I am not sure of the projects she has in mind, but I am happy that she wants to sew.

I did re-size a pair of curtains for her craft room; hey, I did sew a bit today! I am behind with many of my projects. I was able to find a slot of time to register for the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI, this August. I am now thinking of the great classes I will be taking during the 4 days. 

What have you been sewing lately? 
Has anyone sewn the snail? If so, send a photo, I would like to see them. 


Chevron Quilt

Got a bit of sewing done today. I finished the top of a paper pieced tulip wall hanging and will work on getting it quilted this next week or two. 

My daughter wants a chevron quilt like one she saw on the internet. We used the EQ7 program to design it in her desired size, colors and arrangement. We printed out the fabric requirements and headed to the "big city" of Grand Rapids. (She was going there to buy the TV for her apartment anyway.) We stopped at JoAnn Fabrics first, and we were able to use coupons. We got Kona Cotton in white, grey, and yellow. (I like using Kona Cotton when I am working with solid colors.) Unfortunately, they did not have the teal color at the store, another day. Now for her to finish exams and we will work on the quilt together. 

EQ designed Chevron Quilt, 90" x 90", white, grey,
yellow and teal. (The black is a background
color so the quilt can be seen.)
I chose  to donate a lap quilt I made, called Flower Boxes, for the church raffle this coming weekend.  My DH took this photo, not the best, but it is the only one I now have. It is much prettier than the picture indicates. I quilted it this past fall on the Sweet 16 at the art studio using Sally Terry's Leaf designs. I see on her website that she has refined the technique and calls it SHADOW RHYTHMS. I took her class at the AQS show this past August. The technique is very easy to learn and the quilts look great. Click HERE to check out the video on her website for more information. 


EQ Stitch Discount Through May 12

I thought I would pass this on to anyone who might not have heard that EQ is offering 20% off site-wide May 3 through May 12. I took advantage of this offer and ordered the book: EQ with Me: Learning EQStitch.

I figured it was time I have a bit more help on all the possibilities. I have watched two of the videos by Yvonne Menear, EQ7/EQStitch educator and author of the EQStitch companion book. They have been helpful and easy to understand. You can find them HERE.

Now to find, or make, the time to practice some of the options the program offers! 

My weekend is busy with baking for a church gathering, so there will be little sewing for me. And the weather has been pretty nice, so I have been in the garden, prepping it for planting at the end of May. 
Have a good weekend and I hope you find time to do some things you like to do.