EQ Stitch Discount Through May 12

I thought I would pass this on to anyone who might not have heard that EQ is offering 20% off site-wide May 3 through May 12. I took advantage of this offer and ordered the book: EQ with Me: Learning EQStitch.

I figured it was time I have a bit more help on all the possibilities. I have watched two of the videos by Yvonne Menear, EQ7/EQStitch educator and author of the EQStitch companion book. They have been helpful and easy to understand. You can find them HERE.

Now to find, or make, the time to practice some of the options the program offers! 

My weekend is busy with baking for a church gathering, so there will be little sewing for me. And the weather has been pretty nice, so I have been in the garden, prepping it for planting at the end of May. 
Have a good weekend and I hope you find time to do some things you like to do. 

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