Log Cabin Quilts

I am joining Val for Tuesday Archives today. I have not written a blog about my log cabin quilts so I am blogging today about 2 of the log cabins I have made (and that I have photos of). 

The first log cabin quilt I made I presented to my sister and brother-in-law for their wedding in 1985. I cut the pieces the "old fashioned way" with scissors after drawing pencil lines for cutting guides. I sewed the blocks on the sewing machine. My father-in-law helped me make a quilting frame (I still have that frame, but don't use it) and I hand quilted in every stitching ditch. My sister had chosen the colors. I was quite pleased with my first quilt--a queen size. This recent photo isn't the best and the colors have faded over time, but she still treasures it. 

One other log cabin I located a photo of is my Wonky Log Cabin. This pattern came from a magazine from sometime between 2000 - 2003. I don't remember which magazine. But I do know it took me two years to finish. And, no, I did not make a label (which would have had the date on it). But I liked the bright colors and the skewed blocks. The diamonds in the outer border were a bear to get to fit correctly. I am happy with it, none the less. 

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A Quilting Start to the New Year

A Christmas Present Arrived Today
I will let you see what I got in the mail today from Nikki. Nikki is a young lady I met in Taiwan who crochets whenever she can. She is a friend of my daughter and son-in-law and she is visiting them in Dallas. Nikki was our tour guide when we went to the garment district in Taipei and here is the present that arrived today. 

These are crocheted coasters for teacups (or mugs) that she made. 
And a can of black tea!

This lovely dragon fabric will be put to use when I make a purse.
It is heavier and just right for a purse.

And these beautiful floral prints are a heavier fabric
and will become purses or perhaps home decor items.
New Year's Day Quilt Along
Mary May of Merry Mayhem's Mystery Quilts is again having a Quilt Along on New Year's Day and I am joining. I have done this for a few years now (when it was hosted by Planet Patchwork which is no longer in business) and it has been fun. I am happy Mary decided to continue this tradition. The pattern steps are revealed every hour and by the time the day is done, so is the quilt top! Click the link HERE to find out what it is all about. 

So I have begun the preparation steps. I chose to use creams for my background colors instead of the blues. I cut the fabric for the half square triangle blocks from my tote of scrap fabrics.

I am now sewing, pressing and trimming those pieces and eagerly awaiting New Year's Day. 

Some of my scraps were larger than the background blocks;
but since I would have to square them to size after sewing,
I decided not to make extra work and
will trim the excess off when I square them up.

Only a portion of the many blocks ready to trim.
Small stack of trimmed blocks.
What will you be doing on New Year's Day? Leave a comment and let me know.

And. . . . . . . HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Christmas Quilts

Merry Christmas.

I am joining Val's Tuesday Archives with my Christmas quilts. You can check out all the bloggers who have linked up by going HERE.

Christmas quilts and quilted items are fun to make. They are fun to gift as well, so I am able to make many Christmas gifts during the year. Of course, some get started and are given the next year because I run out of time. I like the idea of Christmas in July shopping and projects; but I really should start with Christmas gifts in January!

So here are the quilted projects I have made over the span of a few years. I hope you are inspired by one or more of them.


Some Finished Quilt Projects

A few weeks ago I got quilts back from my longarmer, Michelle. I finished the bindings, took photos and meant to write a post. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas events jumped into my path. I have wrapped most of the Christmas presents and sent some off to recipients who are out of state. 

I am happy to have finished my Rings Quilt. The idea came from Missouri Star Quilt Company's video. This was a very easy pattern to work up and I am so pleased with the colors. Michelle did a fantastic job on the quilting with pebbles in the centers of the rings and swirls in the blue rings and the border. It is just a bit larger than a lap size.

 My Halloween 4-patch Kaleidoscope Quilt is done and it IS a lap size quilt. 

I like all of her quilting here, especially the curved lines in the wonky orange borders around the kaleidoscope centers. 

The Kaleidoscope Tablerunner is done. It is long, but it fits the table well. The photo is not the best but I think you get the spinning look of the hexagon blocks. Michelle quilted the top in a lime green and it is so impressive. I would not have thought of using lime. I had asked her to do a web motif and she did it in the centers of the hexagons. Outside of those blocks she used an overall curved motif.

The backing was the last bit of flying witch fabric I had, so there is a short middle seam in the backing. 

The final quilt is my QOV. I began this a few years ago. It is finished and only needs a label. Our guild gathers the Quilts of Valor at a showing we have in July and then we send them to the organization.

This week I will help my daughter with the quilting on a baby quilt she finished over Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to our sewing time together. 

May the holiday spirit keep you cheerful and smiling and free of stress.