Log Cabin Quilts

I am joining Val for Tuesday Archives today. I have not written a blog about my log cabin quilts so I am blogging today about 2 of the log cabins I have made (and that I have photos of). 

The first log cabin quilt I made I presented to my sister and brother-in-law for their wedding in 1985. I cut the pieces the "old fashioned way" with scissors after drawing pencil lines for cutting guides. I sewed the blocks on the sewing machine. My father-in-law helped me make a quilting frame (I still have that frame, but don't use it) and I hand quilted in every stitching ditch. My sister had chosen the colors. I was quite pleased with my first quilt--a queen size. This recent photo isn't the best and the colors have faded over time, but she still treasures it. 

One other log cabin I located a photo of is my Wonky Log Cabin. This pattern came from a magazine from sometime between 2000 - 2003. I don't remember which magazine. But I do know it took me two years to finish. And, no, I did not make a label (which would have had the date on it). But I liked the bright colors and the skewed blocks. The diamonds in the outer border were a bear to get to fit correctly. I am happy with it, none the less. 

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