Tuesday Archives: Machine Applique

I have to admit that applique is not particularly my favorite quilting technique. When Val posted the theme for today's Tuesday Archives, I had to search hard and deep into my files so I could blog about the few items I did make with applique. 

I will say I used fusible webs on all the applique quilted items I made. I used the lightest type I could buy. I do not like having the thickness of the heavy fusible make my quilts feel like cardboard. The most recent quilt I made is called "Tree-Mendous Possibilities" and is a pattern I designed for Cut Loose Press. It is actually two different quilts made from this one pattern cutting. Here is a photo of it:

I used "Sew Lazy Fusi-Bond Lite Fusible" for this quilt because at the time Steam-A-Seam was re-working their product. I do have to say that after washing the quilt, the Sew Lazy Fusi-Bond Lite Fusible was very soft. 

(I see that the new Steam-A-Seam products are on the market now. I will have to make a comparison project to see how it has changed. I heard it was the bonding, not the suppleness of the fusible they re-worked.)

The circles and letters - Anna - are raw-edge appliqued. After the circles are cut out, the leftover fabrics can be used to make the circle quilt pictured below, which is also raw edge appliqued.  

It does not have to be made like mine. I have included many ideas for variations on how to make this quilt. One of my projects this year is to make it in one or two of those variations.


This pattern (#CLPNAM002) is available at your local quilt shops through Cut Loose Press.

And, just so you can see those other few items I made with applique, here are the photos:

A small landscape made in the workshop with Ann Loveless.
Ghostly Haunt wall hanging about 24" x 30".

28" x 28" wall hanging "Love You" made for my daughter.

Winter Trees wall hanging from Wavy Panel Pattern I designed.

Some of my other patterns can be found at PatternSpot.com
by searching for Patchwork Breeze.


Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I love the haunted house!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Thanks for sharing at Tuesday ARchives under our Machine Applique theme....I've never done fusable webbing....but do enjoy the relaxation of my needle turn.