January 1 Mystery Quilt Preparation Underway

I chose the fabrics to use on the Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt that begins on New Year's Day.
Each hour we get a clue from the Facebook page. And hopefully I will have my top finished by the end of the day. 
(Find out about it HERE.)

I will be making the crib size quilt. It will be a good size for a lap quilt. 
I have the pieces cut and because I signed up early, I have the first step that I will begin tomorrow. 

Are you sewing on New Year's Day or do you have something else planned?


A Few Days' Difference

I did my errands early this morning because we are under a Winter Storm Warning. 
And what a difference a few days can make!

The wind is very strong, the snow is flying and later we will get freezing rain.  
Below is the photo I took on Christmas Day.

I am sure people in others states use the same (or similar) statement as we do in Michigan: 
"If you don't like the weather in Michigan, wait a few hours and it will change."

One thing I noticed while walking on Christmas Day were the number of acorns sprouting on the ground. The days had been so warm and spsring-like, I began wondering if any of the fruit trees in the area orchards were budding. That would be devastating because the the summer crops could be significantly reduced affecgting a major industry in West Michigan.

I am sitting at the table sipping a cup of Mint Chocolate Cocoa (a gift sent from our oldest daughter), watching the snow, checking emails and composing this blog as I wait to add the final ingredients to the pot of potato soup that will be our dinner this evening. 
As that simmers, I will move to my sewing area and begin prepping for Merry Mayhem's New Year's Day Mystery Quilt. If you are interested in a project for January 1, HERE is the link to the home page. Sign up for the newsletter there. Or go to the FACEBOOK page HERE.
I have not decided what fabrics I will be using, but I do have a number of choices. 

Have an enjoyable evening, perhaps you will be working on a little quilt project.


Warm Wishes for a Joyful Day

Merry Christmas

This is quite a different Christmas. I have lived in Michigan all my life and the season is usually cold. Many times there is snow for the holidays, sometimes more than we would like. The warm weather this year, while making it great for putting up outdoor decorations, just didn't get me motivated. In fact, the tree has outgrown the small number of decorations I have used in the past.

This is the first year our girls are both gone for the holidays, as are my parents and hubby's parents. So we are spending a quiet day at home, listening to some Christmas music and working a few Suduko puzzles. We are having another couple over for the evening, as they are "home alone" as well.

Last night, I was able to get these potholders completed. They are Christmas presents for tonight's guests and their daughters. I think they will like them.

This is my short post for today. Have a wonderful day and I'll be back to quilting next week.


Decorating with Quilts for Christmas

Val is having a Christmas Quilts Tuesday Archives link at her website HERE.

Val's Quilting Studio

As I have been getting ready for the holidays and guests for the past 2+ weeks, I decided I would invite you into my home via my blog to see how I used my quilts to decorate.

As guests enter, they see the Dresden Plate I made years ago in a class taught by Beth Ann Williams.

Further into the hallway is the Candle and Poinsettia I designed about 8 years ago while teaching at the local quilt shop. 

On the kitchen island is the Jodi Barrows design from one of her first books. I made this 2 years ago (do not remember the name of it) and Michelle Fialek quilted it. 

A small Friendship Star with Entwined Ribbons is on the dining table. I made this quilt at the first retreat I had ever attended, in 2000. One of the other quilters was making it and showed me how to cut and sew it. 

Moving into the the living room, I have the Basket pattern I designed while at the local quilt shop. I put poinsettia fabric in the basket for Christmas. (For other seasons or decor, use other fabrics.)

On the footstool at the end of the chair I placed a Lazy Angle design I made years ago...too many years to remember. But the colors are bright and it looks festive. 

My Christmas Crystals quilt is on the back of the couch (sofa) of which I am very proud. I took the "Crystals" pattern designed by Anna Laura Reidt and redid the color scheme. I made this in 2007 or 2008 (correct, no label is on the back yet) at the time, the pattern was out of print. I found THIS LINK where it is sold. I really was pleased at how the colors changed the quilt's appearance in the original blue and yellow scheme. 

The colors in the close up are truer to the actual colors.

And the guests at the house will sleep under the "1, 2, 3....Sew Easy" quilt I designed. It is a great pattern when one has a fat quarter collection of fabrics-or larger cuts. 

Thank you for visiting my home. 
I wish you and yours a joyous season
and a wonderful new year.



Using Quilts for Greeting Cards

With Thanksgiving past, I begin my ritual for the upcoming Christmas season--sending out Christmas cards. 

The idea of an email greeting to friends at this time of year has never appealed to me. I enjoy getting a greeting card in the mail, with a real penned signature and maybe a short, but personal, message as well. So that is what we do every year at our house. 

I actually enjoy a visit to the post office and choose the stamps I want to adhere to the envelopes. (Yes, I could order them on line, but I like what I call the old, traditional way of doing it.) 

This year, I had a few offers (each one for 10 free cards) from Shutterfly. I paid only shipping and sales tax. (I don't have any affiliation with Shutterfly, I just like their products and the their wonderful service.) The cost was about 60 cents per card. A a few months ago, as I received these special offers, I decided I would use some of my quilt photos to design our Christmas cards. So over a few month this is what I designed:

"Happy Christmas Village" wallhanging 

turned out to be cute cards.
And the Post Office had some gingerbread house stamps 
that went well with the cards. 

A portion of my "Wonky Logs" quilt made some bright cards. 


I used this quilt photo because it matched a background 
I wanted to use on the reverse side of the card. 

Do you have a special quilt or two you could see pictured on a greeting card 
for a particular day or person?

I close this post by saying, "Peace and Good Cheer to All."