Houston Quilt Festival

On my bucket list for many years was a trip to the
This year I fulfilled that when I went on a bus trip with 50+ other quilters.
(We spent 2 days at the show.) And I wasn't disappointed. 
They say Texas does things BIG - I had no idea how BIG "big" was! 
The George R. Brown Convention Center is the largest venue I have been in for a quilt show.
This is a photo I took from one of the round windows in the hallway above the 2nd floor, and shows only about a fourth of the vendor booths. 

I met Suzy Webster, who blogs at "Adventurous Applique and Quilting."
She is an ambassador for Island Batik fabrics and I am an alumni ambassador from a few years ago. She came to the show with her mother.
We went to see the quilts she had in the show. 
 This was digital art that her dad designed and she quilted it. 
She tells about quilting it HERE.
She has a series of whimsical houses she is working on. You can see some of them HERE. 
This is "Dotville Jr."
She made it for the quilt auction.

On our way to see her quilts, Suzy stopped to talk to Karlee Porter, who was standing by her beautiful, award winning quilt shown below called,
This is a wholecloth quilt made using a custom-printed quilt top that Karlee designed. 
My photos didn't catch the true beauty of this quilt. Karlee had another fabric print of this design as it looked before she quilted it. It is the quilting, the threads and beads, and Karlee's talent that make this an award winning quilt.

I studied graphics and printing as an undergraduate in college. 
I am amazed as to the means and methods of printing and graphics some 40 years later. If only I had more time in a day! 

The bus trip included other stops along the route from Michigan to Texas and back. 
I will post more about those events in the days to come. 

Thank you for visiting my blog.