Christmas RAPPing Blog Hop


Today is day 8 of the Christmas RAPPing Blog Hop and my day to share the project I have.
The word "RAPPing" in the title refers to Reverse Applique and Paper Piecing.

Margaret Willingham and Nan Baker wrote a quilting book loaded with Christmas quilting project small and large. Here are some of the projects in the book.

You can find more on this book at 

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A few months ago, Nan Baker sent out an email to Island Batik Ambassadors, present and past, to participate in the blog hop. I am an alumni Ambassador and said, "Yes!" The PDF of the book was sent to us so we could choose a project.

I chose to make "Christmas is Coming," an advent calendar.  I've wanted to make an advent calendar for quite some time. I had some Island Batik fabrics leftover from my Ambassador days and some I purchased in the past few years (because I really like the fabrics). I chose to use somewhat traditional colors in this piece. Except for the white-on-white, all the fabrics are Island Batiks. I am still quilting the layers with my sewing machine. Here is the project before layering:

I was pleased to be able to interchange the 4" reverse applique stars pattern with the 4" paper-pieced stars pattern in the corners. (I have carpel tunnel trouble and hand sewing with a needle is difficult.)  Both patterns are in the book, along with many others. I will admit I added the lines to the paper-piecing patterns to creat the center diamond (yellow) so I wouldn't have to applique a diamond, even if by machine.

There were directions for both paper-pieced or machine pieced log cabins (with the paper pieced pattern included). I machine pieced and hand trimmed mine, since it's the way I always make log cabins.

The tree and "sky" in the center of the quilt were paper-pieced triangles. The directions, again, were clear as to how to print and connect the paper-piecing strips, as well as the numbering for the colors.
Here is my advent quilt almost all quilted! I hung it on my new photography stand. The bottom edge is straight, but draped back while hanging. And the photo was taken at night with ceiling track lighting, but the colors aren't the best.
Do you see how it looks like the tree has hexagons in it? I think that is so neat! I imagine with a little sketch-work, I could figue out how to make a very colorful hexagon-filled tree.

The size of the units were all spot-on when I was finished sewing them. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I am still deciding what to do for the countdown numbers. I have a machne embroidery for numbers that get put onto covered buttons that I would like to use. I really liked how Joan did her countdown HERE on Day 1. If you haven't seen her buttons and bulbs, go look at it!

Here is the list of all the participants:

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30 April – One Quilting Circle
2 May – Beaquilter
4 May – Dizzy Quilter
5 May – Bejeweled Quilts
6 May – Patchwork Breeze
8 May – Quilting Gail
12May – Maria's Quilt Scraps

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Can Raindrops Be Quilted?

Today is the quarterly reveal of The Endeavourers art quilts.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
was the Challenge theme for this May 1, 2019 reveal.

How did I endeavour to sew this challenge theme? 

I'll give you the rundown here:
(Please know the beads were added after the quilt was completed.)

  • I used a fat quarter of dotted, light grey fabric for the background (suggesting raindrops all around). 
  • I sketched a lady wearing a dress and a hat. (This is a summer day.)
  • I used Steam-A-Seam 2 on the back of the fabrics for the arms, hat parts, hair, and dress. 
  • After pressing the pieces in place on the background fabric, I appliqued each with a small zig-zag stitch. 
  • I placed the quilt top on a piece of batting and used the free motion foot to machine quilt grey thread lines in the forefront, making little raindrop swirls every inch or so as I moved down the piece.
  • I placed the backing fabric (a darker grey dot) underneath what I just quilted. Then I quilted straight lines between the raindrop swirl lines. But these were mid-ground, so I did not quilt over the woman. I stopped and started so my needle and thread would not sew over any part of her.

  • I added the binding, which matches the backing fabric. I bind my quilts completely by machine. You can read and see how I do it HERE.
  • Finally, I used Aileen's Jewel-It (no afilliation) to glue a glass bead in each raindrop swirl shape to give the piece sparkle, as one might see from a raindrop in an unexpected summer shower. (Note: I think it would have been easier to have sewn the beads, so they would have been exactly where I wanted them.)

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You can visit the other members of The Endeavourers listed HERE.


Christmas RAPPing Blog Hop

Christmas RAPPing Blog Hop begins today. 

Two talented women from the quilting world have joined forces to bring you a new book! 
Margaret Willingham (of Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design) and Nan Baker, (Marketing Director for The Quilt Pattern Magazine and Purrfect Spots Designs) have combined their distinctly different styles in Christmas RAPPing, Christmas quilts featuring Reverse Applique and Paper-Piecing.

The 10+ projects vary in size from table runners to wall hangings to full size quilts and even Christmas tree decorations.
There are multiple quilt size options and alternative color variations.

The variety of designs all include the unique Star patterns found throughout the book.  

Two projects include interactive quilts that can be great for helping children young and old start the countdown for Christmas Day! 

All the designs feature Reverse Applique and Paper Piecing so you can learn new techniques using the book’s easier, more streamlined methods.

The patterns in this book reflect the individual styles of both Margaret and Nan blended together to create gorgeous quilts to celebrate the Christmas season. They hope you enjoy making their quilts and find your Christmas favorites which will become family heirlooms.

We must thank our wonderful sponsors: 

Here is the schedule of the designers' posting for the blog hop. 
Visit each day to see the projects made from this new book and enter the giveaway for prizes. 

29 April –  MooseStash Quilting
30 April – One Quilting Circle
2 May – Beaquilter
4 May – Dizzy Quilter
5 May – Barbara Gaddy
6 May – Patchwork Breeze
8 May – Quilting Gail
12May – Maria Hrabovsky


Latest Sewing Projects

My husband and I enjoyed the Easter weekend with our daughter and son-in-law. It was a welcome diversion from the normal routine around here. My daughter asked to sew some nature-themed bowl cozies and a potholder for friends they will be seeing soon. I did the sewing while she helped with cutting, turning right side out, and pressing.

Three more April blocks arrived just before Easter for my Queen Bee Gridster quilt.  I put them on the design wall after taking the photo.

I'm working on reveal projects for The Endeavourers Challenge on May 1

and my post for the Christmas RAPPers Blog Hop on May 6. The blog hop begins on April 29-just a few days away. You can click here to find out more.

I helped out for a few more days in the high school art room. Just a few students were finishing up. But the supplies were in need of major organization. While going through the monster lists, the teacher found one 2nd grader's projects that wasn't chosen by an art student to make. So I worked on this at home, so no one was missed. It was very fun to "create as I sewed." It's a pretty good likeness, don't you think?

Using my scraps, I began working on "Scrappy Flowers Coaster Set" to hopefully sell at the consignment shop. The pattern is in Quilters World magazine from Spring 2016. It's an easy, quilt-as-you-go pattern by Chris Malone.

I also made some journal covers for the consignment shop. I watched a few YouTube videos that showed how easy they were. It was extra practice in free motion quilting. 

Gosh, when I look at the week in summary, I see I have done a good amount of sewing. What have you been sewing this past week? 


Snow Puts Sewing on Hold

I was fortunate to have finished sewing the t-shirt blocks together BEFORE the power went out. I am making the quilt for a high school graduate. I found fabric for the backing on my stash shelf and got it pieced and squared, too.

It snowed from about 10 a.m. this morning

until 6:30 p.m. this evening.

We just finished reheating soup and eating dinner when the power went out.

I am sure the 8" of heavy, wet snow that fell today took some trees down onto power lines. We have the generator going, but have it running the important appliances.

I am glad I fed the birds once I saw this cardinal looking at me!

I don't have a hand project to work on at the moment. So I guess I will work some Soduko puzzles.