Quilting Red

I'm one of the bloggers today showing you what I sewed for the Color It Red Blog Hop, hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. Carol has planned many blog hops over the years that I have enjoyed participating in. Thank you, Carol, for planning this one, too!

I made this wall hanging to display for Valentine's Day. And even though it was celebrated a few days ago, it's a great project to show.

For years I intended to make a project using the Twister technique. The blog hop gave me the impetus I needed. And, I found the perfect project at Freemotion by the River, by Connie. She designed a free pattern of a small heart project that I thought would be just the thing. 

I didn't have a Twister template, but Connie's directions told how to make a paper template. After I gathered the red fabrics I wanted to use, I was ready to begin. 

I sewed the squares as directed.

I added the border (but forgot to take a photo). Then I started cutting the pieces using my paper template. 

I think the Twister template would have given me more finger safety than the paper (I incurred no injury). I should have tried using a 24mm rotary cutter rather than my 45mm rotary cutter. 

My layout of pieces on the ironing board. Each had a twister turn and are showing possibilities!

Finally, sewn, row by row for a finished top! I quilted it corner to corner. 

On the back I used a technique I learned from Ammi Sims to make a hanger. 

She cuts squares for the corners and folds them in half. Sew them on before adding the binding. I added two loop-type hangers to help keep the center from falling out. I did not have a long dowel; so, for now I used a ruler as a hanging rod. 

After quilting the top, it measured 20" x 20". Thank you for visiting.

Below, is the list of blog hop participants for today and tomorrow.  If you missed some of the other days, HERE is the complete list.
February 20th
Patchwork Breeze  (You are Here!)
February 21st


Sew a 60 Degree Triangle Table Runner

Welcome to my post for The Winter Blues Blog Hop.
Carla, from Creatin' in the Sticks 
has such great blog hop ideas. 
Thanks, Carla!
I'm glad to join all the others who 
are posting a project this week. 
I hope you have been able to see 
all the wonderful projects that have been shown 

My Winter Blues project is the table runner, shown above.

I made it with some of this beautiful blue snowflake border print fabric I bought a few years ago. 
A table runner using 
mitering 60-degree triangles from the border print
was always the plan. 

I searched on YouTube to find a tutorial using the words: 
"border print table runner 60 degree triangle".
I found many choices. 
Here are a few of tutorials I liked:

My table runner was completed in a day.
I suggest you use pins to match any lines on the miters.
Be sure not to stretch the bias edges as you sew. 

Thank you for visiting. 
I hope the blog hop has wiped away any winter blues you might have had.


Quilting the Traffic Jam Pattern

It seems that blue is my color for January sewing projects. 

When I began planning my project for 
The Winter Blues Blog Hop 
I dug into my two bins of blue scraps
and decided I would work on depleting them this month. 
Join me on Thursday this week to see that project. 

But, today, I want to show my progress on
Pat Sloan's Traffic Jam pattern, an easy quilt to make. 
I think I may be going large on this one;
it's so easy to:

1) Cut and sew 2-1/2" squares of blue into 4-patches
with threads from half-full bobbins and spools 
(to use them up) and,
2) Cut white snowflake yardage into 4-1/2" squares. 

3) Sew smaller units into larger units, 

and, finally, make 12-1/2" blocks!

I'll be sewing with friends today and hope to get all the blocks sewn. 

What are you planning to sew today?


Inspiration to Quilt the Blues Away

Carla, from Creatin in the Sticks, is hosting a blog hop 
starting this Monday, January 20, 2020.
I'm sure this will help us beat the winter blues
I signed up to participate, first, because I really like Carla's blog hops!
And, secondly, I wanted to get my quilting focus back in gear. 
I think this month I will be quilting many blue projects.
 I'll share blog posts as I finish the tops. 

But for now, here is the wonderful list of bloggers
who are going to help us beat those winter blues!

I am posting on Thursday, January 23, 2020, 
and hope you will come see what I quilted with blue. 
(It was something from my TO-DO List from a few years ago.) 
I am so happy it is finished. 

Monday, January 20th

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Friday, January 24th

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I'm sure we'll HOP past each other as we begin the blog hop on Monday!