Quilting Project this Week

I am participating in the All About Strings Blog Hop
 that Carla is hosting March 25 through March 27. 
It looks like this blog hop is going to be inspirational for scrap busting! 
I am almost finished with my project. 

I hope you'll join us each of the four days.
Here's the line up:

The other day I posted about helping in the high school art classes with pattern making and sewing guidance with the Monster Project. I've come home the past two days and sewed a stuffy each evening. Here's what I made. 

The red dog was made with a pattern I have had for a long time and I don't have any information about it. 
The gray cat is a pattern I got from Choly Knight called Kitty Bean Plush. It is the first pattern of hers that I have sewn. It was fun and the directions were clear. I am sure with practice I will get better. 

The other project I am slowly completing is the fabric shower curtain for our remodelled bathroom. It's been a long process because of the odd size: 62"wide x 84"tall. I have only the hem to finish! I'll post a photo when it is completed. 

Thanks for visiting!


High School Art Classes Sewing

Last week with two other ladies, I started helping in the local high school art classes. For the past few years, the art teacher has the students design and make stuffed monsters. This is the second year we have helped. And, as with anything a person does more than once, each time gets easier and better.

The unit involves all the 2nd grade classes, too. The 2nd graders developed a written description of their monster and drew a picture of it. This information was delivered to the art teacher. The high school art students took one of the students' descriptions and pictures to work on.

They redrew the younger child's picture in a scene as described in the child's written work.

After this is when we adults come into the classroom. We discuss with the classes how to design a sewing pattern from their drawings. We encourage them to ask questions as they work on those patterns. We suggest ways to add appliques or best sew appendages. We show them how to use the sewing machines.

The past week has been rewarding for the 3 of us adult helpers, who have sewn since we were children. And it appears to us that the students are having a great time working on these stuffed monsters, too. And we are looking forward to the next few weeks as they finish up.


Quilt Con Charity Quilts

When I arrived at Quilt Con the first things I noticed were the charity quilts in the hallway! The colors that were designated to use in these charity quilts are favorites of mine. They were such happy looking quilts. But it wasn't until I entered the exhibit room that I saw even more of these charity quilts! Wow! I have posted a few of my favorites and apologize that I did not take photos of the details regarding the makers or the titles. Such talented and creative quilters!

I wish you a good weekend that includes doing something fun.
I will be sewing!


Quilting Progress

I was able to make a bit of progress on some projects I needed to finish. I found the time here and there between cleaning up from the remodeling and the painting of two rooms.

I got the Gridster Bee Blocks for February completed and off the the Queen Bee this month. They were fun to make from the pattern she designed and now has for sale. You can read about it on her post HERE.

Before leaving for Florida, I got my April 2018 Gridster Bee Block quilt back from the quilter. I just this week had time to trim the batting and backing to get ready to sew on the binding. I think it will brighten up the guest room nicely. I call it Schoolhouse Friendship.
And today I got out the fabric I will be sending to the Gridster Bee Mates for my April block. I do want to presss the fabric with Terial Magic to help them with the sewing. I will keep the fabric a secret until April's reveal. (Sorry.)

Have a lovely day and I hope you find a creative inspiration in something you see today. 


Quilt Con in Nashville

My husband and I took a week's vacation to Florida. We had been working with the builder on our master bath remodeled for 5 weeks prior. It was good to get away and relax. The evening we arrived in Florida we saw this lovely sunset.

The rest of the week the weather was cool and foggy. The sun did peek through for a bit on 2 days and the temps did rise to the 70s.

While I was there, I was able to meet Sally, who was one of the Island Batik Ambassadors when I was an ambassador. We had lunch and enjoyed a few hours of chatting, fun, and shopping. It is nice to meet online friends in person.

On the way home, we spent the weekend at my sister's and brother-in-law's house in the Nashville area. On Sauturday, my sister and I went to Quilt Con. This was the first time I had attended a Quilt Con and the first time she had attended any quilt show. The weatherman was predicting severe weather, but we went. We were able to park in the underground parking. The facility (Music City Center) was beautiful.

The show wasn't crowded, perhaps because of the threat of bad weather. My sister is a sewer, but not at all a quilter. She enjoyed looking at all the quilts, especially those on social themes. I was happy to take photos for a Gridster Bee Mate who couldn't attend. She wanted some photos of her quilts that were in the show.
Slivers of Rivers by Simone Bradford

Hoko Dots by Simone Bradford

In the next few days, I will post some photos of quilts that peaked my interest. 
For now, I hope you get to sew and stretch your creativity.