Giveaway Winners and My Cutting Table

My week for the EQ Seasons Row Along ended on such a high note. 
Thank you all for visiting. The winners of the giveaways from my blog are:

who won the $25 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop 


Sally Murray 
who won the $25 gift certificate from Cherry Blossoms Quilts

I have notified each of the winners by email. 
Congratulations to both of you and happy shopping!

Also, a big thanks to those two wonderful sponsors. 

Don't forget to join the last set of designers this week for their wonderful tutorials 
and download the FREE PDFs for their rows.

If you missed any of the rows, the entire list is HERE:

On My Cutting Table This Week

First I must tell you that I am in the process of moving all my old computer items to a newer computer (passed on to me by my husband). My 5 year-old trusty computer has a power cord overheating--even with a new power cord and new battery. I am trying to get used to the keyboard and the Windows 10 on this new one. (I sure like Windows7).

So here is my idea:
It might become even more motivated and focused if I post 
what I have on my cutting table each week. 
It will give me a bit of accountability on what I want to accomplish
in my quilting life by making a list, so to say, and sharing with readers. 

Packing the items I am taking on the quilting retreat this weekend. 
Most are to finish and a few are new projects.
Watch for the completed wall hanging that is in the bottom right corner, blue snowflakes with a spool of thread on it. That is one of my Show and Tells for the Row Along on October 6.

The bottom quilt (blue and white cloud fabric)
actually needs all the quilting ripped out 
because the tension was too loose when I quilted it years ago. 
I'll post about that another day. 

Dresden table toppers I am starting for fall decorating.

One of the presents from the Row Along.
This is my celebration banner I blogged about HERE.
Happy Quilting!

EQ Seasons Row Along List

Here is the line up for this fun blog in case you missed any of the posts.  
Most of the designers' row patterns will be free only until Oct. 31. After that, some will put them up for sale or remove them. Grab them while you can. 
September 1


September 15



September 22

Marian Seams To Be Sew http://www.seamstobesew.com/eq-seasons-week-4-fall-harvest-my-3rd-row/           


September 29


Marian Seams To Be Sew http://www.seamstobesew.com

Doris The Quilting Queen Online http://www.quiltingqueenonline.com/

Amy W Sew Incredibly Crazy http://sewincrediblycrazy.blogspot.com/

Carla Create In The Sticks http://createinthesticks.blogspot.com/

Carol Just Let Me Quilt http://www.justletmequilt.com/

Nancy Patchwork Breeze http://www/patchworkbreeze.blogspot.com


Week 5 of EQ Seasons Row Along Begins

This is week 5 of more free (and new) EQ Seasons PDF patterns. Visit these sites, download their patterns and enter the giveaways.

September 29, 2015
Also visit HERE to enter to win an EQ7 program.

Electric Quilt's Blog has a tutorial and a download of most of the block libraries from this Row Along HERE. (The block download is available for only 30 days!)

And if that isn't enough for you, make some of the blocks or rows, post them on the EQ7 Seasons Row A Long 2015 site HERE and enter for some very special giveaways at Seams To Be Sew.

Last of the news today:  Show and Tell will be October 6 and you should NOT miss it! I am sure it will be spectacular.  Visit the list of designers in the blog roll on October 6 and see what they have done by combining the blocks. If there are any details you want go to Seams To Be Sew where Marian (our host) has put together everything you need to know about this Row Along. 


Next Round of EQ Seasons Row Along Patterns Coming Soon

On Tuesday, September 29, the next round of free patterns from the following designers will be available.

September 29, 2015

Oh, last week was a busy week for me, yet pleasurable with all the feedback I received from so many blog visitors.I never expected so many downloads of the free Fence Block PDF pattern! (Get it HERE.)

And the requests from EQ7 users for the PJ7 file for the Fence Block was over the top. Thank you all for the kind comments about the pattern. They were the icing on the cake. You see, I wasn't sure when I designed the Fence Block, if there was much substance to it. But your excitement helped me see that it is a good, useful block. (If you would like the file, email me at patchworkbreeze@gmail.com)

If you missed my blog with the EQ7 Tutorial you can find it HERE. In fact, I have made 3 quilted items with the block. Two of them are completely finished and I will show them on my blog on the October 6 Show and Tell. I can't wait for you to see them. I want to finished the 3rd item this weekend at the quilting retreat I attending. 

I will  post the winners of my blog giveaways on Wednesday, September 30. Watch you email if you had entered! 

Enjoy your quilting moments. 


My EQ7 Seasons Row-Along Reveal and Tutorial

Hello to All of You and Welcome!

Today (March 21, 2018) I am reviving my blog post for a Row Along I participated in almost 2 years ago. I enjoyed making this block and the pattern is still FREE for download. The link is about 8 paragraphs down, in red. I thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy the pattern.

Thanks for stopping to see the block I designed for 
this wonderfully exciting jaunt through the seasons. 

I hope you are having fun gathering all these free quilting blocks/rows 
and will find many ways to use them in your quilting projects. 

I want to thank Marian for hosting this Row-Along and her assistants, Bea and Amy. 
A special thank you to all the super fantastic sponsors who encouraged us 
with their generous donations for the giveaways. 
And, all our visitors. 
We designers have so much to share with you 
and hope you take the time to read through our posts. 
We love comments, too.

My season choice was SPRING! 
I thought of happy, softer colors when I created the FENCE block. 
The Northcott fabrics I chose to use
were Debra Edwards' Radiance #20489-27 for the fence 
and her white Toscana #9020-10 for the background.
And I thank Northcott for supplying me with these fabrics.

Each block finishes 8" tall and 10" long and has appliqued flowers on it. 
(Although you could use any method of attaching 
any style of flowers you would like. Think yo-yos, kansashi, hexies, 
crocheted flowers, embroidery, flowers from the floral section of the craft store, etc.)

Above are 6 blocks in a row finishing at 8" tall and 60" long. 
You can change the length of the row in increments of 10" by adding or subtracting blocks.

Now, don't stop here! 
There are so many things you can do with this row.
Put on your creative cap and think of how to use this fence block for other times of the year.
And on October 6, 
I will show my fence row combined with some of the other designers' 

For a free PDF with directions for my fence block, click HERE.
A note: You may encounter issues in downloading 
if using android type devices, ipads, tablets and kindles. 

AND, if you have EQ7, 
I will email the PJ7 file for my block if you email me at 

You will find entries for giveaways after my tutorial, 
so don't miss those Rafflecopter boxes!

Create your own Library 
for all the blocks you want to use 
with your Projects.

My EQ7 Tutorial will show you how to create your own 
Library with blocks from the EQ7 Block Library!
This will let you work with all the blocks you have selected 
whenever you start a new project
You will not have to repeat searches in the EQ7 library
 and Save to Sketchbook each time.

(And, if you download files from other designers, 
you can combine them into one file for easy access when you need them.
To put them into a special library, 
you would find them in the folder in which you saved them, or your download folder.)

So let's start!

Open EQ7 
(I have EQStitch add on downloaded to my EQ7, so the screen shots 
look a bit different with the butterfly on them. 

Always read the tip of the day and click Close.

When the project window opens simply click Cancel since we are not 
going to be working on a project at this time.

On the menu tab, select Libraries and click Block Library...

The window below will open.
You will click on the tab MY LIBRARY, circled in red. 

The next window (below) will open.
Click Add Library (circled in red in the bottom left corner).

Type a new name for your library. 
I will type 2015 Seasons RAL.

It also says you will Start with 10 styles

You can change that if you want more or less than 10 (maybe 3 -5 or 20!) 
but you don't have to. Then click OK.

You should see My Custom Libraries in the list with a  + sign in front of the words
(If you see a - sign (minus) there, 
but there is a + sign in front of My Libraries in the list, 
click the + sign in front of MY Libraries and the list of My Custom Libraries will show.) 

Click the +sign in front of My Custom Libraries and you will see the library you just created. 
(I have another library as well, titled 2011 EQ BOM Challenge.)

Click on the + sign in front of 2015 Seasons RAL to open the list of styles in that library.

Right click on Style 1 > Modify Style to rename and move on to adding blocks to the library.

Rename Style 1 so you know the style of blocks are contained in it.
I am going to call this Paper Pieced.
(Of course, if you are adding all the other designers' blocks to these lists
 you might want to change the Style to each designer's name or season.)

Now to collect the blocks you want to use 
in your new projects. 
  1. In the blue LIBRARY box, click on LIBRARY
  2. Click the +sign in front of the words EQ7 Libraries to open the lists.
  3. Scroll down to click the + sign in front of  03 Foundation Pieced to open it; and click on the word Animals to open those blocks.
  4. Scroll on the bar below the blocks to find the cardinal. Clicking on the cardinal block puts a blue box around the block. 
  5. Click on the Copy button. 
  6. Click on the tab MY LIBRARY in the blue selection box.

You are taken back to your own library as shown in the window below. 
Click on the Paste button and the cardinal will be added to the display window. 
Don't forget to click on the Save Library button or you will be repeating the last few steps. 
(Ask me how I know!)

You will be told the block(s) have been saved in the library. 
Click OK and the Close button.

Yes, I typed blocks in the sentence above because 
you can add more than one block to your library at one time--
if you find them all in the same style library in which you are looking. 

Follow the steps as numbered above: 
  1. Click LIBRARY.
  2. Open EQ7 Libraries list. 
  3. Scroll to 04 Classic Applique, Click the + sign in front to open the list. 
  4. Scroll down and select Butterflies
  5. Hold down the CTRL key as you click on each butterfly you want to add to your library. A blue box will show around each selected block.
  6. Click the Copy button. 
  7. Click the MY LIBRARY tab. 
You will be taken to the MY LIBRARY lists.

You will want to place the butterflies in an applique style library. 
Right click on Style 2.
Click Modify Style and name this library Butterfly Appliques.
Click OK.

The library is open. Click on the Paste button on the bottom of the window.
Then you will see the window below. 

Click Save Library button 
and then OK when you are told the items have been saved to the Library.
Close the window.

You are now ready for designing fun!


Enter the 3 Giveaways shown below. 
Then check out the other designers' sites listed below the Rafflecopter boxes
for more great Row Along fun. 
And happy quilting. 

Northcott Fabrics 
has been generous in providing fabric to each of the designers
to help create their Row-A-Long patterns. 
The Northcott giveaway is consolidated:
This week, one lucky recipient will receive 6-8 pieces of fabric of 1 yard lengths each.
You may only enter once this week from your entry at one of the featured designers.
In other words, if you enter it here, you will not be able to enter it at the other blogs.
This giveaway is at all the featured blogs today.
Entries accepted until September 29, 2015.
Winners Announced by October 6, 2015.
Value $60-80.00

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Fat Quarter Shop 
has generously sponsored 
one gift certificate (valued at $25)
 for each of the designers to giveaway during their reveal week. 
You can only enter once at this blog.
While this giveaway is specific to this blog, 
each of this week's featured blogs has a gift certificate to giveaway
and you can enter once at each of this week's featured blogs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Cherry Blossoms Quilting 
is generously donating 
a $25 gift certificate to use on their online shopping site.
You may enter once at my blog only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Good News!

As an Incentive to Participate by 

Making Your Own Block(s) and Row(s):

Craftsy is offering to 3 individual winners a Class of your Choice.
Value is $40 based on the average cost of Quilting classes, 
but if you choose, let's say a sewing class, that value could be more.


Nancy's Notions has for 2 individual winners, a $10 gift certificate for each of them.

When you add one unique block or row 
that you have created from any of the patterns offered each week, 
 you will be able to enter one of these two drawings.

If you enter both giveaways, you need 2 unique blocks or rows for your two entries.
Duplicate Entries will be checked and if found you will be disqualified.
Filler Rows Do Not Count. These, too, will be disqualified if entered.

You can enter each drawing only once each day 
at any blog featuring the Flickr giveaway for this Row-A-Long 
until October 13, 2015 when the giveaway closes.
Winners will be announced October 14, 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Visit the other designers 
who are participating in this Row Along.

September 22, 2015 lists this week's participants. 
I have listed below all of the designers participating 
and the day each of them reveals their row in case you missed some from the start. 
Read all of the rules for the giveaways HERE and have fun!

September 1, 2015

September 8, 2015
September 15, 2015 
September 22, 2015
September 29, 2015