Week 2 EQ7 Seasons Row-Along

Five more designers reveal their seasonal rows today. 
Download the pattern PDFs for the rows at each of their sites 
listed below 
and enter the giveaways they have for you. 

You can find out all the details about the Row-Along from 
Marian at Seams To Be Sew
or click the logo on the top right bar of my blog.

September 8, 2015
Consider making one or more of the blocks or rows for your own project. 
Mix and match. 
Go big and make a quilt.
Or go smaller and make a wallhanging, a pillow for your sofa, 
or a table placemats for one of your favorite seasons. 

Have you made a block or row yet from last week's free pattern PDFs? 

Post your photo(s) to the Flickr group HERE  
and be eligible for entry into that giveaway? 

My Idea

I have plans to make this wallhanging so I can use it 
when celebrating birthdays and more. 

I have EQ7 with EQStitch installed. 
I used 3 of Janeen's present blocks 
from her PJ6 file that I downloaded HERE.

I incorporated Bea's filler rows ideas from her site HERE
I selected the "ribbon quilt" blocks from the Block Library.
I added them in the borders of the wallhanging and recolored them
so the pink and blue ribbons appear to be winding around and behind the stars. 

I designed the wallhanging by selecting Custom Set under the Quilt Worktable tab.
I set the size for 24" x 36" on the layout tab at the bottom of the worktable.
I added block borders (3" size) in the Borders tab at the bottom of the worktable.
I set the present blocks as I wanted them, which meant that I resized them.
EQ will print the pieces the size I need for my project 
regardless of the size they were designed. 
How cool is that!

When it came to adding the words, I went to the Stitch worktable. 
I added the words then repositioned the letters. 
I added this stitching to the quilt. 
The letters are not as bright as I would like in this exported image
but once they are made into the actual quilted wallhanging, they will be the color I want. 

I hope you get some ideas from this short description I have presented to you. 

Have fun!

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