Mystery Stop and My Recent Projects

Day 6

The last day of the Quilters' Bus Trip (I know I am a bit late with this post) was filled with anticipation since every year there is a mystery stop on the trip. We left Cleveland, Ohio, and headed back to Michigan. Not long after crossing the state line we stopped in Dundee (right across the road from the Cabella's where my husband enjoys going) to visit:

This was one of 37 Russell Stover outlet stores in the United States and on the website it tells the features of the store  (and I hope the company does not mind my quoting them):
  • Candy Kitchen - Handmade confections including hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries, gourmet caramel apples, multiple varieties of nut clusters and more.
  • Baked Goods - Fresh baked cookies from exclusive Russell Stover scratch recipes.
  • Bulk Case - Custom Build a Box of your favorite chocolates by the piece/pound.
  • Fudge - Many flavors of silky handmade fudge made fresh in the store with real butter.
  • Ice Cream - 32 flavors of hand dipped Blue Bell Ice Cream served as cones, cups, sundaes, and milkshakes.
  • Coffee - Fresh gourmet roast coffee.
  • Jelly Belly - 48 flavors of Jelly Belly brand jelly beans.
  • Russell Stover {the store} exclusive flavor boxes that can be found in no other stores.
  • Complete assortment of Russell Stover and Whitman's products including sugar free and Weight Watchers by Whitman's.
  • Buses are always welcome!
I just giggle with their last statement: Buses are always welcome! And oh, my they made us feel welcome. They knew we were stopping and throughout the store they had half pieces of candies for us to sample.  Before lunch! Oh, my they all tasted good. I believe most of us bought something, if not quantities. Just a few ladies were able to resist. And lucky was our last stop. It would have sad to have o urpurchases melt during the main part of the tour. I put my chocolates in plastic bags in the freezer to keep on hand for visitors or special occasions. Do you ever freeze chocolates when they are specially priced for later? 

What I Have Been Working On

During the past few weeks I have been trying to get a little sewing done between some vacation time with family, working at the Gala Gourmet Store and routine housework. 

I have 9 Swoon Blocks to finish and get sent out by the August 20. Here are some of the blocks I have finished. They measure 16" square. Each participant chose the colors desired. It has been fun going through my fabrics to find the colors needed. I posted my own (for testing the pattern) HERE.

I have made more potholders for sale at Gala Gourmet. The first 9 I brought in sold. The customers like the loop for hanging and the theme prints I am using. 

Row by Row Experience

I am trying to go to some of the local Michigan quilt shops that are participating in the Row by Row Experience. I will take little detours as I travel and pick up the free patterns. Maybe I will find a kit or two to purchase because of the fabrics that I won't find in my stash. 

Are any of you visiting shops that have Row by Rows? If you haven't heard about this national (includes Ontario, Canada, too) event check it out HERE.


beaquilter said...

swoon blocks look great! Can't wait to see them all together

OPQuilt said...

Those swoon blocks are fabulous, Nancy! I've thought about doing the row by row, but I seem to either have been the company or have had company all summer long and all those cleaning out projects are not getting done, so I thought I should not add it to my list. I'll enjoy seeing yours, though!

barbara woods said...

I love swoon blocks