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In the email I got from AQS today my eye was drawn immediately to the words:  "What A Boost: Art Quilt Wins BIG!" The article is about the Art Prize Winning Quilt by Ann Loveless. If you'd like to read what AQS has to say, here is the link:

Art Quilt by Ann Loveless

Later today I opened the email from The Quilt Show and there was a link to hear the interview Alex Anderson had with Ann Loveless. There was a slideshow of some photos from Ann that show her process and some of the quilts. Click HERE to hear the interview.

What is it worth?

As I looked through my Facebook feed, a quilter asked how she should figure the price for a quilt she has been asked to make. I think we all have faced this dilemma at some point in our quilting journey. I am facing it right now as I prepare items for a local craft show. A reference was made to a blog post from November 2012. I am bookmarking this blog post because I am sure I will refer to it in the future. (A follow-up was posted on April 4, 2013.)


Off to sew some mug rugs. What are you sewing?

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