Challenge Winner Topper and Pincushion Swap

Our guild's 2014 President's Challenge was different from any I remember. 
Those who wanted to participate paid a fee to cover the cost of the pattern. We picked a pattern card out of a brown paper bag.  Then we picked a fat quarter out of another brown paper bag. This way we relinquished some control on what we were making. All of the patterns (table runners or toppers) were Quilted Memories Designs, from a lovely quilt shop not too far away.  We had to incorporate the fabric into the pattern in some manner. Of course, I waited until the week before the challenge was due. But I got it done!

This is the pattern I picked. Turn it 'round:

I was not sure at first what I was going to do with the fabric I picked. Should I use it as the 4 outer squares or as applique. I finally decided to make the topper with other fabrics from my stash and applique leaves to it. (I took the photo after I had fussy cut some of the leaves out of it.) 

This is the topper, finished. I fused the leaves on the the top layer of the quilt and sewed a tight zig-zag stitch around the raw edges. I sewed down the centers of the long, gold colored leaves since they were puffing up. I layered the top, batting and backing (the plaid) and machine quilted with my walking foot in the ditch of the sashings. I drew some leaves in the larger spaces of the plaid blocks and machine quilted them through all the layers. Got the binding on and thought it really looked good. The guild members did too, because my topper won a blue ribbon by popular vote in that pattern's category!

Pincushion Swap Arrival

In my mailbox today was the pincushion Bea made for me in the May Swap. Thank You, Bea!

I think it is just darling. It is so tiny. I put pins in so you could get the idea of the size. The button in about 1" in diameter. Bea used most of my favorite colors to make this "in the hoop" embroidery design. She posted about this pattern HERE and HERE. This is the pattern that peaked my interest with "in the hoop" embroidery. I have yet to order a pattern or try it, but the entire item is sewn in the embroidery hoop, with little if any other stitching. 

My husband has asked me what I am going to do with all these pincushions I am collecting from the swaps. (He also asked why I would need more than one sewing machine.) I was thinking of making a quilted wallhanging and attaching each pincushion in a different block to display them.  

What would you do with 12 or so pincushions that are just the cutest or loveliest items you have seen? 

Whether designing, sewing, or dreaming....Happy Quilting.

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beaquilter said...

I have the same "problem" with my pin cushions, I cycle thru them though.... glad you liked it, most of it, is in the hoop. the main part is, then the sides and top and flap, then sew those together with the main part, I hand sewed the flap down lastly. And tell hubby that you DO need the pin cushions, you need one by the iron, one by the machine and well more ;)