Tuesday Archives of Christmas at Val's Studio

Val's Tuesday Archives themes for today are Chevrons and Christmas. I am working on a chevron quilt (king size) for my daughter, but don't have any photos, so that will be another post. But I have combed through some of my blog posts and found these Christmas related entries. I hope you take a gander and let me know what you think. What colors would you "weave" a Christmas stocking? or braid a little mug rug? or would your triangular wreath be non-traditional Christmas colors or traditional? Leave me a comment.

These woven and quilted items shown above are described HERE. 

While not exactly a quilted piece, it was fun and Christmas-related 
and I thought many of you may like to see this. The blog post is HERE. 

I copied the portion of my 12/19/2013 blog showing the mug rug I made:

I had a new Mug Rug demo on the 1st Saturday in December. I made a wreath with bias tape strips and buttons (to cover the joint from the ends). Seven ladies were there, which was a very good turnout. 


Createology said...

I love traditional red and green for Christmas and your projects are perfect. That candle mat is amazing. I see lots of time spent on this technique with fabulous results worthy of gift giving. Creative Christmas Bliss...

brownnoseinc said...

Love your work.....I like teal and silver

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I"m thinking of making stockings for next Christmas so am especially grateful your linked this under our Tuesday Archive Christmas theme! I especially like the simplicity of your stockings...a mug rug is another wonderful Christmas gift idea!! Thanks Nanc!