Crafts Linked to Val's Tuesday Archives

Thank you, Val, for the Tuesday Archives. I am glad so many of us can share with others what we have been making. I especially like getting new ideas from others. 

I have condensed some of my crafted items from other blogs on this post. I would be happy to know if you have done anything like these, or if there is one you especially like. Let me know in a comment below or at: patchworkbreeze@gmail.com with CRAFTS in the subject.

I made pillows for my nieces and nephews for Christmas 2014. My parents (who are no longer with us) had a bedspread or bedcover made with knotted designs. It was not in the best shape, but I cut 18" squares from it and made pillows. I put zippers on them for easy washing and a nice pillow form I bought from JoAnn Fabrics which had a zipper on the cover. I do not have pictures of the 8 pillows I made, but they all were similar to this one. They were thrilled to have these and I was very happy to pass on something to them that belonged to their grandparents. 


In March 2014, I posted about the pincushions I have been making for a swap organized by Beaquilter.com. These are just some of what I have made with the pattern. (Click here to learn about pattern.)

I am using my felted wool and am pleased I did not have to purchase any fabric for the project. 


I participated in a ruffles blog hop creating the Christmas tree below. I have a tutorial HERE if you are interested in how I made it. 


Microwave Bowl Cozies are my latest project. I am making them to sell at the Gala Gourmet, a local kitchen shoppe. I will be able to use some of my large cotton fabric stash for these. The photo shows just 2 of the many that I have made. They are reversible. They are made of totally 100% cotton materials and come with instructions for use. They are like a potholder that can be used as a pretty server under your bowl of oatmeal, soup or whatever from the microwave. Just hold opposing corners as you take it from the microwave and you are all set. 


I gathered my felt, cut out pieces, found the buttons, and began stitching and finally stuffing to finish the Wishing Owl sample for a childrens' class I taught at the ArtsPlace on February 22. 


  1. I have made these microwave bowl too. I love them.
    Nice work

  2. Ohhhhh I want that OWL.... I may need to assign you to be my pin cushion partner...??? :P

  3. Nancy you are so very welcome! And thank you for rejuvenating all these awesome projects. I'm off to work but will return to look at them all individually. Happy Day! V:)