Fall is Here

On Sunday I went out in the yard and was met by this beautiful sight! 

My cell phone camera did not capture the bright colors of this Maple tree. 
We have watched it grow taller over the 23 years we have lived here. 
I knew I needed to take a photo that day after the weatherman talked about 
the big storms headed our way for tomorrow. 

Every year when this tree shows its colors, 
the mood to quilt with bright, fall colors is awakened in me. 
This year I am in the middle of organizing another area of my sewing room,
so cutting fabric for a quilt will have to wait.

Do any of you find that the colors of the seasons stimulate a change in your quilting palette?
I looked on the internet and found a number of different color palette generating tools. One that I played with a bit was Adobe's Color CC.

Giveaway Package Arrived!

I returned on Oct. 5th from a quilting retreat and a package from Jan of Sew and Sow Farm was waiting for me. I had entered her Have a Cow Why Dont Cha giveaway. She reviewed Mary Jane Butters' book, Milk Cow Kitchen, which looks like a very thorough, yet eclectic, book on milk and much more. I was so very excited to get this package of beautiful, luscious Aurifil thread. And I can't wait to begin using them! Thank you, Jan.


Val's Quilting Studio said...

Beautiful!!! Congrats on your win!!

FunThreads Designs said...

I'm jealous. I miss the colors and season soooo much. Texas is still hot and brown:(

Lee said...

Michigan does have such lovely Autumns - the tree is beautiful! So are your new threads! Thank you for the link to the Adobe color site - I sometimes use and - The seasons always have me looking for new color pallets to use!

Nancy said...

Thank you for visiting and for the other sites to work with colors.

A Nudge said...

What a gorgeous example of fall color. Thanks for sharing, Nancy.

Laura said...

Yea! :D