Woven Bubbles Pattern Available

I am happy to announce that my newest pattern, 

Cut Loose Pattern from Checker Distributorsis available through your local quilt shops!

I so like to design patterns to share my love of quilting with others. 
The name of my blog and pattern business reflects what I have always wanted quilters to know about making a quilt: "Patchwork is a Breeze!"
Teaching classes at local quilt shops, my goal was to show people that there isn't always one way to construct a quilt, but many ways, some easier than others, making construction a breeze.

Have you heard about Cut Loose Patterns?
Presently there are almost 400 patterns they can print. 
The patterns are printed on demand when a shop orders them. 
The shop name is included on the pattern, which is a good reference for the quilter regarding fabrics, or tools and where they were purchased.
We designers create a pattern, include construction illustrations,
and a photo of the finished project which all has to fit on two sides 
of a heavy 8-1/2" x 11" piece of paper (tagboard). 
Not much storage space needed. 
Storage is simple, patterns have punched holes so they can be put in a binder.

Cut Loose Patterns has a 4 inch, D-ring binder that can be purchased from your local quilt shop. It comes with a set of 12 pre-printed tabs that correspond with the tabs on the patterns, so you can easily file patterns in the appropriate section. 

The price is great, usually less than $4.00 USD.
While these patterns may be written primarily for the beginner or confident beginner, 
that hasn't stopped me (as an advanced quilter) from purchasing with designs I like.

One thing I like and appreciate about the printing process is that there is an invisible-type watermark on the cards. If the pattern is copied on a copy machine, the watermark shows, letting people know it was copied and not purchased. I hope this helps designers hold on to the integrity of the patterns we work so hard to design.

I will continue to design patterns and share my newest with you as they become available. 

Thanks for visiting. 
Happy Quilting in the New Year!