Mug Rug Christmas Exchange

This evening our quilt guild had their annual Christmas potluck. We enjoy appetizers and desserts at the potlucks. Then we have a fun gift exchange.

This year we were to bring a mug and a matching mug rug that we made. I had chosen my mug a few months before, but really pondered about the mug rug design. I found an embroidery at Embroidery Library, Inc. called Koi Circle which was just the thing for the mug rug.

I found the fabric colors that would go with the mug. All the fabrics are Island Batik fabric scraps I had. The mug rug measures 7" x 11". 

I layered the top and batting on the larger solid piece of Island Batik ginko print in red. 

Quilting didn't need to be extensive because the piece is small. I slowly stitched around the circle with my walking foot. I threaded the starting and ending tread tails in a sewing needle, pulled the threads to the back and knotted them. I could lift the red side piece to tie the threads because I hadn't quilted the straight seams yet.

I stitched in the ditch of the seams between the red and blue sections. 

I didn't have any more of any of these fabrics for a binding. I brought the backing around to the front, pressing, pinning and hand stitching the binding down. Finally I stitched a label on the back. 

Sue got my gift. She used to have koi in a pond in her yard, so she really liked it. 

All of the mugs and mug rugs were spectacular. This is the gift I got in the exchange from Denise. 
Looking forward to hot chocolate in the morning. 

If you belong to a guild, do your members have a gift exchange? 


Needled Mom said...

That is so cute! I love how the mugs match the rugs.

Nancy said...

Wish I had photos of all the other mugs and rugs, so many creative ideas.