Some Quilting Is Done


I was able to use the Sweet 16 HandiQuilter at Inspirations of Art Studio today.  It was a lovely, warm, sunny day in Grand Rapids and Dana had the door open for the fresh air to gently blow in.  One of the quilts was a baby quilt for a friend's new born daughter. I meandered on that one.  The next quilt I used leaf/vines which I had learned in Sally Terry's class at the AQS Show this past August. I am only just beginning to work on this technique, so it appears that I was quilting in a briar patch. It is a larger quilt and I am not sure of its recipient.  The last one was a small Halloween-themed table topper which I meandered.  I later thought I should have sewn pumpkins and vines all over it to keep with the theme.  Now I have bindings to add and finally wash them to give them their character. I will post photos tomorrow when there is more natural light to use the camera.

I look forward to attending the Ice Dying Class on Saturday at Inspirations of Art Studio.  Have the thought of trying this technique on some silk fabric and making scarves.

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