Holiday Greetings and Sewing Project


I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We had a heavy, but lovely snow last night. I have yet to go out and take photos. The snow simply adds such a brightness to the somewhat drab winter color, so this was welcome since the sun is shining and the day appears so very promising. 

I wanted to post some photo and the one I chose is a small candle mat I made from a pattern I found on the internet about 4 years ago.

I have yet to locate the tutorial I used, but I did find Dina's blog, Little by Little by Bossymomma, where she made a tree using the same technique. She has a nice tutorial. I want to try this tree for next Christmas. 

A .pdf version of this tutorial is available. If you would like a copy,
please email Dina at dfne@peterjh.wanadoo.co.uk

On New Year's Day, I am going to participate in the 
Check out the link if you are interested in a sewing project on January 1. I did one mystery two years ago and had a very enjoyable time sewing a quilt top that day. 

And again, 
Merry Christmas to all 
and happy quilting in the New Year!


Bossymamma said...

Your candle mat looks delightful. Thank you for including a photograph of my tree.

Nancy said...

Thank you and I am happy I was able to find your version of an item using this technique. Merry Christmas.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Very cool!!! So glad you shared this unique project with us at TUesday Archives Nancy. :)