Pincushion Exchange Update and Repurposing Finds

Before I say anything more, Thank you everyone who took on the EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop this past week. Those who commented sounded excited about all the new things they learned with plans to try some of the ideas in future projects. Thank you Carol of Fun Threads Designs and EQ for organizing and sponsoring the blog hop. If you did not see all the EQ fun that can be had with photos, start with my blog HERE and find out what it was all about. 

And the winner of our give away from the Photo Fun Blog Hop is
Connie from Freemotion by the River blog
Electric Quilt Co. will be sending her a package of Inkjet Fabric and a copy of Digital Essentials by Gloria Hansen.
I wanted to post photos of the two latest pincushions in the exchange that Bea organized. You can checkout all the wonderful pincushions that have been made for all of her exchanges HERE

I got this lovely woven and beaded pincushion, with its matching attachable flower pincushion, from Wanda last week. I am not sure where I will attach the little one, but I like the idea of having tiny one somewhere that I don't use lots of pins. Thanks, Wanda.

Karyn got the bunny I sent her. I think she really liked it. These are her words: "OMG OMG OMG! I got your pincushion..... she is too sweet to use! I LOVE HER!" I do hope you let her hold some of your pins, Karyn. 


So, now, about my repurposing finds. Today I delivered some of my clothes from 2 years ago to Love, INC (In the Name of Christ) - a resale store where the proceeds help people in need. They had men's and women's clothing marked $1 today only. Well, I am having such a fun time making these bunnies, that I thought I would look for some wool items. And this is what I found:  

There is enough wool in these coats to keep the bunnies multiplying for a long time! I think I will use some of it in combination with my other wools in a purse and maybe a hat or two.

I found one spring dress that fits me well. It is long, so I will need to rework the length.

I found two denim outfits in that longer style. I plan to make the long dress into a shirt, adding some details-perhaps with my embroidery machine and EQStitch! The bottom of the dress could be used for a purse or added to my other denim for a picnic quilt I have been thinking of lately. The other outfit needs a bit of shaping, and shortening. I thought it could be used in the quilt and the buttons themselves are worth the $1 spent.

This linen dress will become a top. I am going to use the zebras in the lower portion as fussy cuts for a quilt.  And the ties, perhaps a belt or some flowers.

Have you repurposed items lately? What did you do? I would love to hear about some other ways to repurpose some of these items of mine.

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OPQuilt said...

You sound like you scored on the clothing finds! I stared at my closet this morning (funny that you mentioned this) and thought to myself about remaking and repurposing some of the clothes I love but don't wear, for one reason or another. Some of the fabric could make it's way into quilts, or a skirt or two. A timely post!