Swoon Block Exchange

I joined Beaquilter in her Swoon Block exchange. Participation has closed. 
We make 2 blocks for each participant. We each were able to choose our color scheme. I got started this last week with my own blocks. I wanted to try the pattern and figured it would be better if I messed up my own than someone else's. 
So I got my two blocks done. They measure 16 inches finished. Coral and teal with beige background are my color choices. 
When I return from my travels, I will be happy to get started on them. 

I have begun reading the newest book in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. My oldest daughter picked it up for me last weekend. I am looking forward to the mini series on Starz this August. I have actually been waiting for Outlander in movie format since 2000!  There was talk back then, but it has taken this many years to accomplish. Now I have to plan how to get Starz with our DirecTV since it isn't in our present package. 

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