Purple Petals Quilt Completed

For such a small quilt, there was a great amount of time taken to finish it. 
And a great lesson learned!

It measures 25.5" x 25.5" and I really think it is beautiful!


This project is my "Live and Learn Project". 

It began when I saw the Electric Quilt Scrap Challenge on May 1st. 
The submissions were due by May 31.
Yes, a way to use my scraps (I have scraps!), and submit one of my creations for the quilting world to see (well, atleast the EQ world)!
Taking into consideration a week for my mother-in-laws memorial 
with people staying at our house in the middle of May, 
working at the store a once a week 
and a wedding last weekend -- Yes! I was sure I could get it done.

I chose the Scrappier 25.5" x 25.5" quilt design.

EQ asked us:  "Like this one best? Download and open it in EQ7. Then, click the “View Sketchbook” button to view this quilt. Remember: You can print the blocks, rotary cutting instructions, foundation patterns and templates right from EQ7!"

I downloaded it...BUT...I did not want to use foundation patterns or use a template. 

This is how the block is sewn in the EQ file. How would I make those blocks quick and easy?

I decided to use the Creative Grids 2-1/2" Trapezoid Strip Ruler.
I knew I would have to trim the blocks down, but I thought that would be easier than tearing paper off the blocks or trying to use the rotary cutter with a template.

I figured I could make the quilt with blocks that were sewn this way:

And the Trapezoid tool really did work well. I will post about how I did it next week.

The design wall would aide me in the arrangement of the blocks.
Away I went. And things were going very well indeed. 
I used up many scraps of purple fabrics and greens. 
(I know it didn't made a dent in my scrap bins!)

I enjoyed the quilting process. It went easily. 
Of course after I made the first pass with the swirls, 
I realized I could have quilted more blocks in fewer passes
by using a different path with my free motion movement.

I got it done with time to spare! It looks lovely, wouldn't you say?  

Ready for submission!

Except, I made a BIG error! 
I looked at the EQ quilt diagram and
I looked at my quilt and it hit me like a brick!

Follow the Rules: 

And Rule #1 is very clear!
You must follow the design exactly.

I changed the position of the blocks even with the diagram on my design wall. 
I wanted to focused so much on the flowers in this pattern,
that I didn't seem my mistake in the design! 
I did not follow the patterns given because I wanted to make blocks easier.

I learned a valuable lesson. 
And when this type of mistake happens, it is ingrained in the mind.
I will remember this! 
I will not be able to submit this quilt for the Scrap Challenge.
 I will send it to the EQ Gallery where it will be visible to the EQ World after all.

Note:  I have been inspired by the quilt photos that my friend Elizabeth, at OpQuilt.com  
posts on her website; so I gave it a try. 

Lupines and iris,

 hanging in nature, 

 and dappled by sunshine on my dining room floor.

Have a wonderful day and I hope a hobby is part of it.

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Catherine said...

I love your photo of lupins and iris - it really picks out the colour.