1 Low Cost Quilt Binding Idea

I thought I would post a recent discovery that helped me sew the bindings on my potholders the other day. I will use this on my quilt bindings as well.

I sew my bindings to the back of the quilted piece first, then wrap it around to the front and machine topstitch. When topstitching, I have used pins or just held it with my fingers as I moved around the quilt.(I do not like getting poked by the pins!) I tried the hair clips one time, too much work opening and closing. I thought of purchasing the Clover Wonder Clips from the store, but a bit pricey for me.

While at Staples, I found these clips ($1.99 for 35) and it seemed like it was worth a try. And if they didn't work, I could use them as intended--as paperclips.

I was very pleased. They held securely, were easy to put on and take off when the machine approached them. I did pin the corners because I want to get the miter to fit just so. 

I am happy to pass this tip on to others. I am able to spend the difference in the price of these vs the quilt shop product on other quilt shop items--especially threads!

Have you found something to use in your quilting that was intended for another use? What was it?

Thanks for stopping.

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Val's Quilting Studio said...

Yep...I use those little silver hair clips for my binding. I got a bunch at the dollar stoare!