Yo-Yo Projects--Tools Speed Up Progress

Hello...I've been busy of late but decided I was long overdue to get a post up.
And, I see Val has Yo-Yos on the Tuesday Archives this week, so I am joinging in. 

Val's Quilting Studio

I don't have an old post to revive, so I decided to quickly click a few photos of yo-yos and write a short summary. 

I haven't done many yo-yos, but I did find that making them with the Clover tools really did help. 
As you can see from the photo, I have quite a few sizes and shapes of yo-yo making tools. I actually had a bit of a race with a friend. She did them by hand the "old-fashioned" way and I used the tools. I don't think she let me win, I truly think they help speed things up. 

Here are a few things I have made with yo-yos in the past few years. 
I like the angels most of all. 
The tree is stuffed. 
The brooch has an old button on it and a jewelry pin sewn on the back. 
The hair tie is sewn to the back of the star yo-yo.

Then the Valentine gift from my friend is very special. 
She actually used the heart yo-yo maker for that. 

If you have not visited Marian's or Janeen's sites yet, you should. 
For 12 days (2 days are done) they have a free pattern. You have to get it that day if you want it for free. 
They are cute...penguins and Christmas trees. 


This week is Thanksgiving and I am counting the things I am thankful for.
And I am thankful you stopped by.


Laura said...

I have one of those yo-yo tools,and it really does make pretty yo-yos!

Cath said...

I have all of those round yo-yo makers and wouldn't do it any other way...I am pretty sure I have a heart one somewhere too...or maybe I just thought I bought it! Love the Snowman made with yo-yo's....that is very cute!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

THanks for creating a yo-yo post for TUesday Archives as I never thought to make such cute things like the tree and angels with them!! I think I may have to copy your angel idea for some fun Christmas gift tags! With smiles. V:)