A Few Days' Difference

I did my errands early this morning because we are under a Winter Storm Warning. 
And what a difference a few days can make!

The wind is very strong, the snow is flying and later we will get freezing rain.  
Below is the photo I took on Christmas Day.

I am sure people in others states use the same (or similar) statement as we do in Michigan: 
"If you don't like the weather in Michigan, wait a few hours and it will change."

One thing I noticed while walking on Christmas Day were the number of acorns sprouting on the ground. The days had been so warm and spsring-like, I began wondering if any of the fruit trees in the area orchards were budding. That would be devastating because the the summer crops could be significantly reduced affecgting a major industry in West Michigan.

I am sitting at the table sipping a cup of Mint Chocolate Cocoa (a gift sent from our oldest daughter), watching the snow, checking emails and composing this blog as I wait to add the final ingredients to the pot of potato soup that will be our dinner this evening. 
As that simmers, I will move to my sewing area and begin prepping for Merry Mayhem's New Year's Day Mystery Quilt. If you are interested in a project for January 1, HERE is the link to the home page. Sign up for the newsletter there. Or go to the FACEBOOK page HERE.
I have not decided what fabrics I will be using, but I do have a number of choices. 

Have an enjoyable evening, perhaps you will be working on a little quilt project.


Susan said...

The snow does look lovely, especially from a summery Melbourne morning! But I fear global warming is causing all this confusing weather. In Melbourne the saying about our weather is "four seasons in one day!" Off to check out the Mystery Quilt you are going to be working on. Happy New Year Nancy!

allthingzsewn said...

I'm afraid we might not be too far behind you. It just started getting nippy today and 30's at nights. I know it has to get cold, but I don't have to like it. Hopefully I can stay indoors. Even then i tend to get chilled, that must be something that starts with retirement. Like the way I said that?
Stay warm and be safe, have a Happy New Year's

OPQuilt said...

I was so surprised at your lack of snow on Christmas--looks like it's finally arrived. Happy sewing today!