6 Days: Quilting Goals on Track

I am happy to say that I have met my quilting goals for the first 6 days of the new year. 

I completed another pincushion today for the swap. I can't show that until my swap partner gets it. I will be sending it tomorrow.

I am now a member of the Mid-Century Modern Bee. I am excited to be a part of this talented group of quilters. I worked on my blocks for this month's Queen Bee today, finished them and sent them off to her in the mail. Yea! 

I can't show a photo of the completed blocks, because it's in pattern development.  BUT, I will share with you how the seams of some very longs strips that I pressed turned out very STRAIGHT. (Oh, I do so like the blue I used in the blocks.)

I bought the Strip Stick a few years ago based on my friend's recommendation.
The introduction on the website HERE says, "The Strip Stick, so-named for pressing seams when strip quilting, makes ironing seams a snap without distorting previously pressed seams.  Other uses include the ability to press intricate piecing, such as one-block wonders and other blocks with intersecting seams. Quilters are excited to have a tool that not only keeps the seams very straight, but also cuts pressing time to a minimum!"

I have been happy with the results I get when pressing strips. Below, I pressed the seams toward the blue fabric. The previously pressed seams were not distorted by the iron. The Strip Stick is curved with minimal padding and a muslin sleeve on it. The curve is what allows me to press just one seam at a time. I have used it to press seams on blocks and have had excellent results. 

There is a video on the Strip Stick website showing how to use this product. If you have an inkling to know more about it, watch the video. (I do not have any affiliation with the company, I just want to share with you something I use with great results.

I am off to join A New Year A New Creative You at Embroider It for the last day of focusing on creativity. If you missed any of the 6 days, click the link and check it out. 

What goal have you accomplished this week?

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Needled Mom said...

That looks really interesting. Your seams look so nice and straight.

I loved Elizabeth's block and can't wait to see them all together.

This week has been a good week of sewing for me too. It is nice to get back into a routine after the busy holidays.