Chinese Quilt Exhibit

On Saturday, April 30, I visited the Michigan State University Museum to see 

the Chinese Quilt Exhibit on its last day.
I am so happy that photos were allowed. 

My daughter treated me to an early Mother's Day Brunch at The Soup Spoon Cafe where I had the North Eastern Omlette: eggs, crabmeat, onions, tomatoes and spinach with a basil sauce on top. Extremely good.

The quilts are made with layers of fabrics to use as bedcovers. The beds are small. Even though the quilts are small, they are elaborate and made by hand. Many had no identifying labels, so the makers were unknown and the dates estimated. (A lesson to label the quilts we make.)

The colors caught me as I entered the exhibit hall. The details were spectacular. 

The stitching (embroidery) in the quilt below, 
makes the quilt look like it has more colors than it does. 

Inside the glass case, a rolled quilt shows the backing and the top. 
Quite different from how I make quilts.

Most of these quilts were done by hand. 
Below is a display of the sewing kit they would have used. 

I will post some more photos of this exhibit,
with a bit more explanation, after I return from a week-long 
quilters bus trip I am taking to Iowa and Missouri. 
We do more things than visit quilt stores. I am looking forward to visiting 
The Missouri Star Quilt Company.
I will bring you loads of information about what we discover on the trip. 

I am taking one hand piecing project with me, but am not sure how much I will get done. 

What will you be quilting this week?


Susan said...

What an interesting exhibit Nancy! Enjoy your time away- sounds wonderful! I am making Chuck Nohara blocks this week, when I get time, that is!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Such detail in their work. Sounds like a lovely Mother's day too.