18 Days Ago

My last post was 18 days ago, but it really feels longer than that!
What have I been doing? Would you believe cleaning and purging?
A friend and I decided to have a garage sale of our excess, seldom used quilting (and some of my crafting) supplies on June 23, 24,and 25.
 My friend included much of her mother's supplies, too.

After the sale ended, I read Val's post HERE about the re-organization of her sewing area. She had returned from a retreat and was inspired. Read her tip for organizing fabrics and threads. And she said that with re-organizing she can get back to creating.

I know I am more productive and creative when my area is organized. It is hard to work around piles or try to find tools that are not where they should be.
It was a good way to tidy up for me. And here it comes.....BUT......
I didn't realize it was going to take so long!

I have one room where I shelve my fabrics and craft supplies. I found my box of cross-stitch books, kits and canvas, which I no longer do; so those items were priced to go.

At the beginning of the June, I cut some fabrics and had not folded them neatly or returned them to the shelves. So I spent two weeks organizing the shelves by colors and folding the fabrics so they fit nicely. I chose to say good-bye to many fabrics because they did not inspire me as they once did.

I let go of my Christmas beading projects and ribbons and lace. There is only so much one can work on.

Yes, I admit I have a stash! I realized I may never find the time to make all the quilts I want to.

I am hoping to be back to sewing on Thursday.

I will be finishing my Island Batik project for the June Modern Batik Challenge. 

Then I'll begin the Christmas in July project. There is a giveaway with this Challenge. 

I also will be working on my pattern for The Road Home Row Along coming in September, 
which is hosted by Marian of Seamstobesew.com and Amy of Sewincrediblycrazy.com
There will be giveaways for this online Row Along. 

There is the August 1st project reveal for the Four-in-Art group. 
The challenge is to quilt our representation of Purple Passion. 
On July 1, Sherri will let us know the block to make for the Mid-Century Modern Bee.
Mid-Century Modern Bee

Wow! I will be busy. 

May quilting keep you busy, and happy.


Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I purged a lot of older fabric last year and organized and it does take time to work through it. The process further convicted me to work from my stash this year and not buy more unless it was needed for a specific project. Unfortunately I've strayed just lately with a few purchases. You are not the only one with big gaps in blogging. I've been really bad the last 2 months with little motivation. Oh well . . . it will return when it's time.

Needled Mom said...

I still have not found out the perfect solution for organization. As soon as I think I have it figured out, it doesn"t work for me.