Island Batik New Beginnings Blog Hop

Welcome to my post for the Island Batik Blog Hop. 

This is the last day of the blog hop.
Island Batik has a giveaway through Rafflecopter HERE.
You will also find links to all the Island Batik Ambassadors' 
blog hop posts there, as well. 
I have a giveaway, too!

Details on entering for a chance to win my giveaway 
are at the end of my post.

We Island Batik Ambassadors were charged with interpreting the theme "New Beginnings" by creating a project larger than 24" x 24" using the fresh, new Fall/Winter 2016 fabrics introduced at Quilt Market in November. We had to use at least 8 of the fabrics from the fabric collections we received. I had some of the Merry and Bright collection to use. 

I bought this black Island Batik Blender (BE23-E1) from a local quilt shop, 
to use as my background.

This is the quilt I designed. 
It looks different depending upon how it is viewed. 

I thank my husband and future son-in-law 
for holding the quilt and apologize for a wonky photo.

I used EQ7 to design this quilt. 
Scanning the fabrics and adding them to the fabric palette 
allowed me to determine which quilt layout was the choice I wanted.

I used half yard cuts of the 8 fabrics and 3 yards of the black. 
The Merry and Bright fabrics were cut into 2.5 inch strips. 
The blocks finish at 9" x 18" long when sewn into the quilt. 

I have to thank Michelle Fialek, my longarm quilter for quilting this for me. 
I was under the gun to get it finished for today and she came through. 
She used a lovely variegated black and gray thread with the swirls. 
(The photo is a larger file, if you want to click on it and see a close up.)

Now, for my giveaway. 
I haven't given a name to the quilt I designed. 
Leave a comment with a name for this quilt. 
I will choose a suggestion on Friday, Feb. 3. 
Please leave a way for me to contact you if you are a no-reply commenter. 

The chosen name will be sent this Stamp Pack of 5" squares from

For a giveaway chance for a random selection of 
fat 1/8ths from my Island Batik fabrics,
leave a comment on my Facebook page HERE

(I am sorry I can only ship to United States addresses due to postage costs.)
But if you are outside of the United States, I will email you a some of my PDF patterns.

If you would like an idea of what can be made with 
a Stamp Pack of Island Batik fabrics, 
see what I did HERE or HERE.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to choosing a name for the quilt. 
Tomorrow I will post the reveal of my 
Four-in_Art group quilt. I hope you return. 


Judi Duncan said...

I would call it Block Hop because of all the movement!

GranChris said...

Climbing upwards or Steps to the Sky

Betsy said...

Nancy your designs make me want to stay home and stitch.
Call it fiesta sway

Allison said...

Beautiful quilt! It reminds me of Japanese Lanterns.

Rebecca said...

Small Steps?

Lori said...

This is lovely.
Flow of Life

beaquilter said...

great quilt- I'd name it twists and turns- but don't need to win anything :)

Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Great quilt, love that black background!

Annmarie said...

Very unique and colorful. Reminds me of a "Slinky"

Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous! I love the movement in the different layouts.

Quilts for Sale said...

Unique, colourful, bright, immensely appealing! Great quilt!

Quilting Tangent said...

3D Fence, beautiful. I like how it changes. 24Tangent@gmail.com

Joyce Carter said...

Wow! I love the movement that appears in your quilt. I really love the second picture. I would call it "Illusions"

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt Nancy and how fun to see all the different arrangements!

Jayne said...

The black background really shows the colours well. How about Nancy's Diamonds

Sewgirl said...

Wow...great quilt! Nice movement. I see "Hugs and Kisses", as both ways give the illusion of X and O.

JANET said...

How about "Dance with Me". It reminds me of dancing, with all the movement. ndfromsd at gmail dot com

Barbarba Douglas said...

Nancy, I hope that you make the first EQ rendition. Love all the layouts!

@lutzcats said...

Zip-Pow-WOW!It's even fun scrolling back and forth over the layouts!

@lutzcats said...

Zip-Pow-WOW!It's even fun scrolling back and forth over the layouts!

Anna brown said...

Slinky. .. happyness04431@yahoo.com

Anna brown said...

Slinky. .. happyness04431@yahoo.com

Kathy E. said...

Great quilt! It's quite an eye-catcher and the batiks are almost hidden in the colors! I'd call it "Bangles" because it reminds me of pretty bangle bracelets.

scottylover said...

It reminds me of those pictures where you can't tell if the steps are going up or down, so I would name it steps of illusion.

Sandy A
scotty4me39 (at) yahoo.com

tac73 said...

Definitely has a lot of movement.......maybe batik tango.

Unknown said...

"Blink" When I blink, the pattern changes. Well done, Nancy.
Leslie O

Pamela said...

How beautiful! I would call this Summer Song or Happy Dance. Thanks for sharing this!

teachpany said...

Great quilt. I think it looks like dancing legs, so maybe Tap Dance, or Long Legs. I love the other block designs, too. Great idea!

Rachell said...

I totally thought the one direction looked liked DNA chromosomes, so Dancing DNA. Or Tropical Chromosomes. I also thought of strings of holiday multi-colored lights? Tropical Holiday Lights. Caribbean Christmas Lights.

Calicojoan said...

How fun to see them all so differently in the different layouts. Hope your hip is better soon.

Nancy said...

Thank you for participating in the blog hop. I appreciate you suggestion for the quilt name.