Four-in-Art Reveal

I couldn't be happier that I finished this quarter's reveal early.
Our group of art quilters has a yearly theme (light) and quarterly sub-themes (light in the darkness).

I had a few ideas for this small quilt...the night sky with stars, the moon - or both, light in the windows of city buildings on a dark night, a flashlight held under a person's chin, a dark room with a partially opened door, the light from a house window shining on the dark ground outside as well as a dark flower with white streaks in the petals.

The design I created for "Light in the Darkness:" 

I had a roll of 2-1/2" fabric strips gradations of white through black. I thought of a beginning point of light spreading out as it shines and how the brightness diminishes the further it goes-like the distance one can see with headlights while driving a car at night, or a flashlight in the dark. 

I was able to make the wedges using the gradations of the fabric strips from white to dark gray on a mottled black background. I quilted white lines only in the wedges of light to indicate the direction of the light. I see nothing in the darkness outside of the shining light.

The quilt measures 12-1/2" square. I sewed folded triangles into the corners which allows me to put a wooden skewer into each pocket, allowing it to hang on a single picture hook on the wall. 

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Catherine said...

I love this - it's very beautiful and calm with the gradations of colour and the simple quilting in those areas only.

OPQuilt said...

Such a great interpretation of our theme, Nancy, even with all that you have going on! I think the quilting (only the the beams of light) is a perfect addition to the idea you've created here. Well done!

Rachel said...

I like this little quilt with it's beans of light. They really do look like a door cracked open letting in the light. And yay for being early, I had to plan ahead as well.

Needled Mom said...

That is wonderful. The gradients are a perfect idea to reflect the theme.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Your wedges of graduated light capture the quality of beams of light in the darkness perfectly and your quilting enhances the effect beautifully. I think this is a beautiful quilt and wonderfully effective design :)

Betty said...

I loved those beams from the moment I saw them and admire your ability to pick an arrangement which truly embraced the sub-theme! The quilting is just perfect and and really brings home the point - love it!!!

Camilla said...

Love this! The gradations capture the light idea beautifully. They look like rockets of light shooting forth!

Quiltalicious said...

This is a wonderful interpretation of light in darkness by using the graduated grays in the beam of light. So clever.