Christmas Caroling Show and Tell and Giveaways

I hope you had as much fun as I did visiting all the Christmas Caroling Row Along posts during the past few weeks. I collected all the patterns. How about you?

I have a giveaway listed at the end of my post for visiting my blog. 

There is also a giveaway for a Calibre Cutting Mat listed there as well. 

I was lucky and got a giveaway for a discount on a Calibre Cutting Mat, as long as I paid shipping costs. It is the 3rd Calibre cutting mat I own. I will tell you these cutting mats are amazing. I truly believe they do not wear my rotary cutting blades down as quickly as other mats. They are thicker mats, too; and they don't have a smell!  If you ever have an opportunity to get one of these mats, get one! The company works wonderfully with Marian at Seams To Be Sew in supplying these gift certificates. Thank you, Calibre Arts.

Today is Show and Tell Day for the designers who chose to make a quilted project using some of the free patterns from this Christmas Caroling Row Along. I was running short on time, so I decided to make a wall hanging.

I included my own row along with two other patterns. I did not sew the buttons on the holly yet.

Under my ribbon row on the top, I wanted vertical rows. I liked Mary Mack's Carol of the Bells. I rearranged the layout of the bells and the pieced pinwheels. I liked the musical notes included in the pattern.

I like balance. Ask anyone who quilts with me. Knowing I didn't have time for much applique, I chose to use just the trees from the Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Fun Threads Designs for my wall hanging. And you can see only one tree is really trying to rock! I am going to add some of my Christmas buttons as ornaments on the tree.

I wanted to tie the blue pinwheels into the rest of the quilt, so I made some 6" x 9" blocks to sew to the top of the tree panels. I drew the blocks in EQ7 and was able to print foundation paper piecing patterns to get the correct angles since these are not square blocks.

I think the red binding brings the entire piece together. And once the buttons are sewn on, it will help even more.

I liked so many of the row patterns.  I know in the future I will make a large quilt using many of the patterns. As a designer, I invite others to use what they wish from my pattern designs to fit their style, need, or time crunch. Just remember to always give credit to those who's designs help in your quilt making. That is how we grow as quilt makers.

Entry for the giveaways through Rafflecopters below. These giveaways are for October 10 and end October 10 at 11:59 PM.
Now for the giveaway information:

Ackfeld Manufacturing has donated a Desk Stand. Click HERE to see the type of stand this is. Marian has a description HERE if you'd like more information.

This will ship anywhere but Shipping Cost must be paid by winner. Cost To Ship In USA $7.43
Value 27.50
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you would like to enter for a Calibre 14" x 14" rotating Cutting Mat:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please read the Rules and Guidelines Marian has for all who enter:

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Happy Quilting!


Beth said...

Those stands are so useful and of good quality, so they'll really last. If I won, I would have a hard time deciding whether to keep mine to display in my home, or give it as a gift with a quilt. What a nice dilemma. :)

Robin said...

Thanks for your idea on creating the Christmas quilt from rows given. I am in total agreement to make what's given relevant to yourself.

Lee said...

I love this part with the finishing of the rows! Yours is very nice!

Allison said...

I love how you combined the rows! Beautiful work!

Janet said...

Great quilt from the row along! Thanks for sharing with us!

Seacoast Quilter said...

I love the rows you combined to make your quilt. Thanks for participating and sharing witheveryone!

Kathy E. said...

Putting the rows together like you did is so creative! That's one thing I love to see is how they are made into a project. All I need is inspiration like this to get me going...thank you! It is lovely!

Cathy B. said...

Have so enjoyed the blog hop. Thanks to all the designers!

Unknown said...

Love your finished quilt.

mumbird3 said...

Lovely hanging - I really like your ribbon row!!! i have a quilt languishing in the UFO pile that I was trying to do with a ribbon - this might do the trick!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!!! churcae(at)auburn(dot)edu

Carol S. said...

Your quilt turned out really beautiful with the rows. Thanks for sharing!

Calicojoan said...

This is just the cutest! Love the holiday theme.

HumptyDumpty said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

lisa0116 said...

Very pretty quilt! Thank you!

Sandy said...

your row is on my list of ones yet to do, i love it....love what you created with the rows you chose!!

Carol said...

Very festive. I can here the jingle bells from here:)

Thunderfan said...

Those patterns all came together so nicely - the wall hanging really works as a single piece of art! Well done!


Sewgirl said...

Very nice..thanks for sharing all your hard work, and a great giveaway!

Jayne said...

I love the way this quilt has come together.

Liz Horgan said...

I'm amazed at how everyone is bringing together different rows--so many great ideas!
Thank you!

Susan said...

These rows look so great together! Thanks for talking about your process for making these rows.

wendy said...

Your wall hanging turned out very nice, the rows you chose are perfect together. Thanks for sharing!

Kat said...

Wow, Nancy, you did a fantastic job on your choices. It really looks charming and festive.
Thank you for sharing.

Sally said...

Great design! Love the balance and colors. Fantastic

Renee said...

Your quilt is absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!

Bonnie58 said...

Beautiful quilt. I loved all of the rows. Thanks for sharing

Nancy said...

Thank you very much.

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment.

Nancy said...

All the creativity is astounding. Hope all the visitors have loads of ideas!

Nancy said...

Have fun making all the rows you have chosen.

Nancy said...

You are welcome. Thanks for participating.

Nancy said...

Thank you very much.

Nancy said...

Thank you for joining in the Row Along.

Nancy said...

Thank you for Rowing Along with us. Hope your quilt is just what you imagine.

Lisa said...

I love your quilt!

teachpany said...

That looks great! Thanks so much for using my row. It's really exciting to see my designs on another person's projects. Yippee!