EQ Designing

A week ago I had foot surgery and today I am finally am thinking about quilting. 
Since I have one more week of laying down (somewhat) with my foot propped up, I decided to use my EQ7 program and design some quilts, or learn some designing techniques. 

An email from On Point Quilter, Kari Schell, came today. 
She told about her short video on creating Improvisational Fabric to use in quilt blocks. 
You can find it HERE.
Kari works with EQ8, but many things can be translated into the earlier EQ7 version. 
EQ8 might be entering my quilting life in a few months!

It was fun to do. This is the block of scrappy fabric I made.
(I know some of the lines disappeared when saving and there are some angles that really can't be sewn, but when it is cut up and used in blocks on the computer screen, no one should know.)

I used Kari's tutorial with the friendship star block and worked a few colors and layouts and got these quilts: 

With a few fun things to do on my laptop while I recuperate, life will be a bit less boring. 

Check out On Point Quilter's videos, patterns and the gallery of quilts she has quilted with the longarm! 

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Nancy said...

Testing for comments to email.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Lovely work! I have EQ8 now, after using 7 for a couple of years. Designing is easy with those programs.

Bridie Payne said...

Beautiful bright quilts.