The Endeavourers Challenge Reveal

Happy November 1!
The Endeavourers Challenge projects for this quarter 
are being revealed today.
You can see and read about each member's post HERE

Our theme for this quarter was IMPROV.
I usually work with some type of structured pattern 
that I have designed when making my art quilts. 
"Improv" to me means a free experience, no rules, no boundaries. So in executing this quilt I did come up with a means of direction (because I am left-brained in that respect). 
I wrote the names of five of my favorite quilt blocks on small pieces of paper. I looked at my 10 scraps drawers which are arranged by color. I wrote names of the 6 that were stuffed with the most fabric. I drew one block name and 2 color papers. This would give me some boundaries (sorry, Improv!). 
I would not use any rulers to cut pieces. I would allow myself to trim with scissors or a rotary cutter (eyeballing it). I'd use the 2 colors to make the log cabin blocks. I started with wonky, white 4-sided shapes for the centers. I probably should have sewn whatever color I picked out of my color bags to the next side of the block - for a truly improv piece, but "lefty" was a bit controlling. 
I put a border of orange pieces, which I think now should have been a mixture of both colors. BUT! I did do some improv quilting of the layers. 
I used my free motion foot, starting in the middle. I began with straight lines like triangles that began to wobble and finally I just wiggled around as I moved toward the outer edges. 
My wallhanging (or table topper) measures 18.5" x 17.5". That's somewhat wonky. 
I found a batik for the bakcing. I haven't used in 10 years and it worked well to hide the orange-ish stitches from the thread. 
I made an improv label by writing on the backing.

Visit the other Endeavourers' blogs to view their Improv pieces. 

Nancy (me)


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gee Nancy, you really did create an Improv piece right down to how you selected your block and the colors. I think your rightie kicks in pretty darned well!! Love your process and the block is so visually interesting. Love the color scheme too, even if you can't take credit for it.
xx, Carol

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I think you aced this challenge, Nancy. I think leftie will always have a hand - even subconsciously but you kept a good eye on him and didn't let him overstep. A thing I especially love about this quilt is that I don't think any amount of planning by rightie could have turned out so well. It really is very visually compelling :)

Brit in Brisbane said...

I think that is what Leslie Tucker Jenison calls 'improv with intent'. We all choose some aspects whether it was colour palette, techniques or just the general direction we had in mind. It is very striking

Textile Ranger said...

I love your system for choosing what to work on! I am a weaver too, and the favorite challenge I ever did there was called "5 card draw-down." We got 6 cards, for color scheme, thread type, draft, etc., and then we could throw away one card we didn't like. I would definitely enjoy making blocks with your system.

Needled Mom said...

That turned out so well and you improv looks great. I just cringe with the thought of improv.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Wow, Nancy! I just adore how you embraced the whole Improv process. Improv is really my favored style of piecing, but, like you, my left brain grinds the process to a halt if I don't give it a wee bit of direction. Orange and Blue -excellent! :) m & jb (PS: my blog is on Wordpress, but Google is making me post with my old Blogger account. Oh well, worse things in life, right? LOL!)

Nancy said...

Thank you for the comment. I have found that improv is not without some structure.
I am sorry about the Blogger thing, it has been going on for months now. I am on the list of a Blogger-fixer who is going to give my blog a once over and see if anything will work for posting (maybe an independent comment widget) and then check why some people get a message that my site is not secure and their browser won't let them view it. Yeah, all I want to do is this small blog and share!

beaquilter said...

This looks great!

Connie said...

Hi Nancy, I just found your little quilting group Endeavourers. I've never joined anything like this but it sounds like fun. Is there room for more quilters? I love how you went about picking your colors and pattern . . . great fun :) I started quilting about six years ago and love things that make me try new techniques and build from my imagination.
Have a sweet day.
Connie :)P.S. I grew up in Northern Indiana nine miles from the Michigan state line . . . it's a small world. Now, I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for 45 years.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Nancy! What a fun and clever project! It is improv through and through, and it turned out just fabulous. Even the improv label - so wonderful. If I ever have to host some of my quilting friends, or even go to retreat, this would be a good project to remember! Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne