Tutorial to Sew Dimensional Flowers and Leaves for Quilts

 Welcome, to those who are new, and those returning from last week's row along, The Garden Party Row Along, hosted by Seams To Be Sew. 

Today I am presenting my tutorial on how to sew the 3-D flowers and leaves for my row along quilt, Garden Welcome Wall. 

Before I begin, I want to thank all those who visited my blog. I am still trying to get around to replying to those who left a comment (I got some great ideas chruning in my brain for more flower blocks). Be sure to visit the designers this week. I am sure there are MORE wonderful blocks to gather for your upcoming projects. 

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OK, let's get to the tutorial!

Making the 3-D flowers.

Choose 2 fat quarters of fabric for the flowers. One or both colors could become the front of the flower, so similar shades or hues work well. 

I chose these 2 colors for this tutorial:

Press the fabrics and lay them on top of each other, right sides together. 

Draw six 6-1/2" diameter circles, with a pencil, marker, or erasable pen. Each circle will make 4 flowers.

Cut out each double layer for 2 circles with fabric right sides together. Fold in half, cut into 2 sections. Fold those half sections in half and cut in half to give 4 quarter circles, with right sides together. 

Wind the yarn or pearl cotton to make 4 loops about 4 inches long. Tie a knot one inch from the looped end. Tuck the yarns inside the two 1/4 fabric pieces with RST as shown in middle photo below.

Sew the arc and the straight edges, enclosing the entire 1/4 circle. The end yarns will hang out of the point a bit. Clip the points off the corners, including the yarns hanging out. 
Trim the arc seamline to 1/8". Pull the front and back fabrics away from each other. Make a small clip in the back fabric, not cutting the yarns inside. Carefully place scissors point in the clip and cut a 1" opening in the back. 

I have a short video showing how to turn the flower right side out. I hope it offers you some variety in presentation. (This is my first video try with the Jumprope app.)

video of turning right sides out 

Making the 3-D leaves

Cut the strips from the 2 green leaf colors and the backing strips. 1) Align one of each color narrow strip on each other with right sides together. 2) Stitch the 2 strips together along one long edge with 1/4" seam allowance. 3) Press the seam allowance open.

Place the 2-colored seamed units RST on the one-color backing strip.
Use the template to trace the leaf shapes as shown. Leave 1/4" seam space between each leaf. Flip the direction of the fabric to have the 2 colors on different sides of the leaf front. It adds variety. 

Reduce the machine stitch length to 1.5 or 2. Sew on the lines drawn around the template. Trim each leaf from the strip, leaving 1/8" seamline.

Follow the next steps to turn the leaf right side out. 
1) Hold the seam with one hand and the backing fabric with the other hand. 
2) Pull the sections away from each other and snip a small hole in the backing fabric.
3) Cut an opening about 1" long in the backing. 
4) Turn the right sides out through the opening. 
5) Press.
6) Make and press more leaves. 

Combine the flowers with the leaves on each of the short stems. Then add some here and there as you like. I suggest they are tacked down with needle and thread AFTER the wall is quilted (making the quilting process easier).

I hope this tutorial helps you make 3-D flowers. Think of other shapes to use for flowers--hearts is one I have thought of trying!

A quote I found on the internet: 

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