Making Headway!

March 3, 2013 

I have been working on the Stack N Whack quilt when I haven't been on the go.  I am posting a progress photo and now have to decide if I want to add a final border of color or leave it as it is. 

Let me know what you think.  One friend suggested a muted yellow or teal.  

I am going to start constructing my block for the Appliqued Animal Blog Hop at

I signed up for a live webinar demonstrating  how Margaret Applin creates brushes in Photoshop Elements and how to use them to build out designs  hosted by Quilting Arts/Interweave/FW Media!  

I have Photoshop Elements, have tried to use tutorials on YouTube to learn to create brushes to no avail.  But I sure did learn how to do them watching this webinar.  Margaret did a great job, going slow enough for me to watch and understand.  Can't wait to get going on that.  You may want to visit her site:

My EQ Stitch program came last week and I still have not put it on my computer.  That too is on my to do list.  I used my embroidery machine for the first time last week when a friend showed me how to get going--and it was easy enough. 

Ok, off I go to work on some quilt projects.
Happy Quilting to all. 

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