Water-Soluble Basting Tape


Day 6 of the Blog Hop Give-Aways.   

TIP 6 
On a sewing show I heard about 1/4" water soluble basting tape.  I dindn't know it has been available for many years.  It has become one of my best time savers in all kinds of sewing projects.  A number of companies make this type of tape and it is sold in the sewing notions department of fabric stores, etc. 

I first used it to turn under a 1/4" seam allowance on a large piece for a machine applique. 

Then I used it to hem my daughter's pants. I did not have to press that first 1/4" seam before turning the hem up the next 1" seam. 

But just the other day I needed to sew 2 striped border pieces together so the pattern continued correctly along the strip.  I used the tape on the end of one border piece adhering it to match so the stripes continued. It made sewing easy and I did not have to pin.  


It worked well to secure two striped pieces to sew a mitered corner on the border.  

I am using it for the seam allowance on the mitered border napkins I am making.  Again, no pressing of a tiny seam allowance. 

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My give-away:  Leave a comment telling about a quilting or sewing tip or tool you have discovered.  Share it with us.  On March 15, one random comment will be chosen and that lucky winner will receive 2 of my patterns via email--so make sure you leave an email address so I can send the patterns.  

  Here are photos of the projects I made and then developed into patterns: 

Love You wall hanging

Wavy Panel Banner

The banner is able to be modified into a table runner or placemats for a different use.You can use panels you have purchased, make your own, or use a fancy fabric for the top section.  The pattern is able to be modified for various size panels as well.  It is quite versatile. I am binding the table runner I made for Valentine's Day and plan to put a photo of the finished table runner on the blog this weekend.  

These patterns are available for purchase at PatternSpot.com under Patchwork Breeze. 

TIP 6 tomorrow, right here at Patchwork Breeze.  And happy sewing!


Tammy said...

I love to use the blue painters tape to hold zippers in place as I am sewing them into garmets and things.It works great. I also use a adhesive lint roller to pull all the little threads out when I have to rip something out. So much faster than trying to pick those little threads out by hand and it also eliminates all those littel threads from sticking to you and your clothing and the floor.

Nancy said...

Thank you, Tammy. The blue painters tape is a good idea. I tried transparent tape from my office dispenser once.
I used my lint roller the other day to get the threads out of the seam I had to rip. It does work well.