Here it is Day 3.  I am enjoying my hop to various blogs--and oh, how much fun!

Tip 3
I have to let you know about a product that has been available for a few years, but I was just introduced to at the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI, this past August.  This has made pressing seams so much easier.  It is also one of those products that makes me ask, "Why didn't I think of that!" 

It is called The Strip Stick.  Those who have sewn clothing know about pressing hams and such and this is the same principle from a quilting perspective.  Seams stay straight, are accurate, fabrics don't stretch, and I can use steam without distorting my other seams or the fabrics surrounding the seams.  Only the seam I am pressing is exposed to the iron.

I have the 18" Strip Stick.  I use a regular home iron, but my friend uses her tack iron (so you will see photos with both). I am seriously thinking of getting the 45" Strip Stick for long seams (thinking about width of fabric strips and jelly rolls).

I lay the seam to be pressed on the stick.  The fabric I want to press the seam toward is the fabric that is farther from me (the blue in this photo). 

I press the seam by lifting and moving the iron on the seam (not moving the iron back and forth).  Only the seam is pressed, meaning the rest of the fabric in my unit will not be subject to stretch or distortion.  And what does that mean?  When sewing the next fabric piece to my unit the raw edges will be straight, no puffiness, no need to ease fabric in when sewing!

 Open seams are easy to work on one-at-a-time.

Half-square triangle units are a breeze.

If you have not heard of The Strip Stick, investigate it.  Only 3 stores in Michigan carry it at this time, and I am happy that The New Ewe is one of them.  Check the website to see if a store near you carries it. 

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My give-away:  Leave a comment telling about a quilting or sewing tip or tool you have discovered.  Share it with us.  On March 15, one random comment will be chosen and that lucky winner will receive 2 of my patterns via email--so make sure you leave an email address so I can send the patterns.  
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What are the patterns, you wonder?  Here are photos of the projects I made and then developed into patterns: 

Wavy Panel Banner
Love You wall hanging

The banner is able to be modified into a table runner or placemats for a different use.You can use panels you have purchased, make your own, or use a fancy fabric for the top section.  The pattern is able to be modified for various size panels as well.  It is quite versatile. I am binding the table runner I made for Valentine's Day and plan to put a photo of the finished table runner on the blog this weekend.  

These patterns are available for purchase at PatternSpot.com under Patchwork Breeze. 

Look for TIP 4 tomorrow, here at Patchwork Breeze.  And happy sewing!


ytsmom said...

I have found that using my small (travel) iron works really well when pressing something with lots of seams, like a twister.

Nancy said...

Thank you for the tip and visiting my blog.