Spinning Out of Control

I am not spinning out of control, but the "top secret" quilt was!

I cut a few of the blocks incorrectly and had to make more but I had to modify the plan. Then my first plan for backing (sewing some large fabric scraps together) did not look good. The next fabric backing did not really work well.  It was black with a splattered paint effect. I did not want to have two colors of threads for the quilting, nor did I want light batting showing through the black, or black batting showing through the top. I took a day away from the project and this morning looked in my large stash and found a fabric that works very well for the backing and I can have one color of thread for both top and back.Finally done and off to the longarm quilter tomorrow.

But. . . I had some blocks left, and some pieces for more blocks cut!  I am not a piecer who tosses fabric.  My husband asks why I save the small pieces. (My plan for the small pieces I  have been saving will surprise him in the very near future.) I took the black backing and tossed the blocks onto it. They looked good and I decided to cut the black fabric and piece the blocks into it. So here is the result of that endeavor.  I think I will take this one and quilt it myself on the Sweet 16 at the Inspirations of Art Studio in the next month or so. This one may end up being a charity quilt. 

I hung it on the clothesline this dreary Michigan afternoon and took this photo. It is brighter than it looks, but even the Photoshop Elements enhancement tool didn't help. The blocks are set in straight rows, but the breeze was distorting it. 

And that is my post for today. Are you sewing? Do any of you save small pieces to use in some grand way or even not so grand manner?

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