Day 4 of the Blog Hop of Give-Aways.  I hope you are enjoying your hop as much as I am mine.  The various blogs have so many things to share--and of course give-aways to try to win!

Tip 4
Storage!  Wow, have I worked on different storage ideas over the years.  Cardboard boxes worked well years ago.  Then I moved to plastic tubs.  As my stash grew I added more shelves.  Not to mention, I moved from one small area in one room to 2 rooms!  Yes, a S-T-A-S-H! 

While I am nowhere near having the perfect solution, in the last 2 years I have found two items that have helped me.  These work especially well for organizing my instructional materials for classes as well as my retreat projects. 

I have purchased Iris brand plastic storage boxes (12" x 12" x 3"). I usually buy them when Michael's or JoAnn's has them on sale 40% or 50% off.  (Michael's actually sells bundles of 4 and they are a few pennies cheaper this way. (Hey, I save the pennies for future fabric acquisitions.) They come in a variety of colors. The newer ones are much better because they have two locks on the front AND a recessed area that acts as a handle for picking them up. 

I can fit my fabric, instructions, magazine or book, threads, and most tools needed for a specific project.

I also have a white cart like the one pictured below.  These storage boxes fit in them and I store my sewing supplies in them under my sewing table.  I can change the boxes out if I have other supplies to use for a specific project. 


I bought a folding, wheeled cart at Lowe's (I think) that holds 4 of these storage boxes so well. (I find many things at home improvement stores that I can use in other situations.) But this cart makes wheeling teaching materials and supplies very easy. 

It has tabs on the sides that lock it closed when it is folded together.  The bottom folds down to hold the sides open.  And stored in the bottom are 2 plastic covers that go over the hinged sides and keep them secure and flat (see white arrow).
The handle is taller than my sewing cart handle.  That makes it easy to maneuver since I don't have to lean to one side with my arm as I pull it.  

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My give-away:  Leave a comment telling about a quilting or sewing tip or tool you have discovered.  Share it with us.  On March 15, one random comment will be chosen and that lucky winner will receive 2 of my patterns via email--so make sure you leave an email address so I can send the patterns.  

  Here are photos of the projects I made and then developed into patterns: 
Love You wall hanging

Wavy Panel Banner

The banner is able to be modified into a table runner or placemats for a different use.You can use panels you have purchased, make your own, or use a fancy fabric for the top section.  The pattern is able to be modified for various size panels as well.  It is quite versatile. I am binding the table runner I made for Valentine's Day and plan to put a photo of the finished table runner on the blog this weekend.  

These patterns are available for purchase at under Patchwork Breeze. 

TIP 5 tomorrow, right here at Patchwork Breeze.  And happy sewing!


Gail Olney said...

I love using my pin magnet to pick up all the pins from the floor. I never use a pincushion for pins, only for needles.

Nancy said...

When we were planning my sewing room I decided on linoleum flooring so pins would not be lost in carpet, but even so I have used my pin magnet holder to do the same thing.

Nanbon44 said...

I use a mechanics magnet on a telescoping wand to pick pins off the floor.. I also bought a Martelli's rotary cutter and it is wonderful to use... no more sore shoulder or arm from cutting out a quilt...

Nancy said...

Thank you for the tips. I have a Martelli rotary cutter, too. There are times I use it and other times I use my Olfa cutter.