A Winner and New Beginnings

I enjoyed the Autumn Applique Animals Blog Hop. I am so happy with the turnout of blog hoppers to my sight. For me, it was a good number, since this was only my second hop. I am watching for other hops in which to participate. Welcome to the new followers of this blog, as well.

I have the winner of MY Giveaway of 4 fall fat quarters. It is Kathy L and I will contact Kathy to get her mailing information. 

I titled this post New Beginnings. And today, I feel like I am finally on the downward side of a very high hill (not steep, just high). The past two weeks were very busy for me. I had so many things I had to get done. I have taken care of them and things are falling into place. 

Please don't wait until the next blog hop to come back to my blog! I am going work on some type of tutorial or pattern to share on a regular basis. I will blog atleast once a week and share with you something I am working on. This also means I will be learning more about Blogger and maybe revamping some of my layouts. One New Beginning.

I have finally gotten my foot into the publisher's door, and that is encouraging. I have made a commitment to work more dilegently on my patterns and submit them to magazines, etc. and see where it goes. This is something I have been trying to do for 10 years, but realize I have not put my whole self into it. So another New Beginning!

I am working out details and plans in my head and on paper to host a blog hop in the new year. And since I have put it out there in print, I will carry through with that goal. An Exciting New Beginning!

Lastly, for now, I recognize one thing that is hindering me in my goals is an unorganized sewing room. This is going to be the longest, toughest of goals to meet; but I must organize. I spent more time in the past 2 weeks looking for things I needed only to find I didn't put them where they belonged. I know many quilters have posted on various sites that they need to organize. Does anyone have a really helpful idea of how to start? I suppose if it were summer I could put the fabric outside in order to organize that, but autumn in Michigan is so unpredictable. Why just the other night the wind was so blustery that I know my fabric would have been blown to the neighbor's yard (100 yards aways and she doesn't sew!). 

So, thanks to all of you for hopping. Thanks to anyone who can offer a good organizational tip. And please stop by to see what I have to share with you. 

Happy Quilting!

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