Four in Art Reveal

Today is the day of the Four in Art reveal of our first quarter projects. The overall theme was URBAN. Our first topic is "Maps." I can't wait to see how the other 7 members of the group have interpreted the topic.

I thought for quite awhile about how to make a 12" x 12" Urban map themed art quilt. I posted some thoughts HERE.  

As I looked at maps, especially older maps, I saw how a river was the important aspect of the city's development. My research also showed how parcels were divided when a city was established. In many instances it was one (or a few) land-owner(s) who planned the city. The parcels were surveyed and given to or purchased by others. The naming of streets and sections of the city show interesting histories. (A study for another time in a maps series topic.)

I finally decided on making a layout of part of a city map with the idea of "a river runs through it." So I present my art quilt:

I used two of my favorite colors: turquoise and lime. I wanted to reflect the need for a clean river, a healthy environment for creatures that depend on the river as well as how it can be used by the citizens. 

One of the things that I think makes a city a great place to visit or live is its cultural center. That lead me to applique some circlular shapes symbolizing gardens and art and/or entertainment. I included green areas to represent parks. The flag parcel represents government and is important to all cities.

All the pieces were backed with fusible then appliqued and topstitched with small zigzag. I used straight stitching to outline the roads. I used two layers of stitching for the roadways to make it show up. The roads stitching is the quilting through all layers. 

The binding is attached one side at a time. This is the same method I detailed in an earlier blog HERE. I used binder clips to hold the binding as I sewed it instead of the water soluble basting tape. 

I sewed corner fast fold triangles for the hanger. This was a trick I learned from Ami Simms website (here). I baste them in place before the binding is put on. I then put a small dowel in the two corner triangles and am able to hang the piece with one nail in the wall.   

I do not know yet what the next topic will be, but look forward to finding out very soon. 

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Leanne said...

I love the bridge going over the river and the green spaces along it's banks. Your city is lovely, the wide and clear blue river, and nice huge parks or cultural centres. The double stitching on the roads is inspired, they do stand out nicely. A wonderful little quilt.

OPQuilt said...

Very cool map and I love how thoughtfully you interpreted the qualities of a city being surveyed and mapped out, with the river "running through it." I love the idea of including parks and city cultural landmarks--this is such a successful little quilt. I love it!

Elizabeth E.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Wonderful concept behind your little map. You really captured the good qualities of a city and made it place I'd like to visit. The park areas are very inviting and the river so refreshing. If only all cities were so lovely. Well done.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

I love the turquoise and lime. I think the top stitching in the dark thread is so clever. Very nice!

Betty said...

The intricacy in this quilt is amazing! You've chosen perfect fabrics for depiction and emphasis and the roadways are incredible. Like you, I have an affinity for towns with dominant waterways and you did this one justice. Great job.

Vicki said...

Simply amazing! This looks like where I live. All of you gals really came through. Your quilting on this little gem is great!

Rachel said...

Nancy, I love it. The perfect little roadways in between are great. I love how they define every section. It is a great representation also how we people draw straight lines, but the river goes where ever it wants to! So glad you are a part of the group!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I love this quilt....and the black binding made for the perfect finish! Off to check out your binding method. :)