Baby Quilts and Giveaway Link

I have been working on baby quilts for the craft show. I used 3 cuts of fabrics to make these quilts. Below the photos, I will show you how I made these.

Use one yard cuts of 3 different fabrics to make 3 quilt tops. The binding comes from the 3 yards. Add some batting and backing, stipple the layers, bind and you are done! 

Here are the directions: 
From each one yard cuts of fabric, cut four 2-1/2" x WOF strips for bindings.

From each remaining fabric piece, cut one 26" x 35" rectangle.

From the narrow ends of each 26" x 35" piece, cut two 26" x 4-1/2" strips as shown below. 

Set aside these 4-1/2" x 26" strips.
Take each of the 26" squares of fabrics and cut one 4-1/2" x 26" strip from the top and bottom edges. (You have not cut from these edges yet. Cutting from these edges is important if the fabric is directional.)
You now have 3 rectangles measuring 17" x 26". Fold each of these rectangles in half one way and then in half the other way. Through all layers, on the open edges, cut 4-1/2" widths as shown below. 

Take the different pieces and mix and match centers, side strips, corners, and outer borders for 3 different quilt tops. Sew the pieces together with 1/4" seams working from the center out. 
Layer batting and backing. I stippled the layers, trimmed and attached the binding to the back and used my sewing machine to topstitch the binding from the front. 

Now the Giveaway. The Giveaway has ended.

I got an email from  Lucy @ Charm About You. She showed the Giant Chevron Quilt she made and tells the details of a giveway of the pattern for 2 lucky winners. The winner will be announced Nov. 11. Check out other colorways at the pattern designer's site: Here

The quilt pattern gives directions for a baby, lap or twin quilt and looks simple enough to make. A great way to use the scraps from the 3 baby quilts I made. 

Thanks for visiting and let me know if you make some baby quilts from my tutorial. 


Nina said...

I love this idea! I hope I have a chance to try it out soon.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I too love this idea...esp when making baby blankets for donation or upcoming baby showers....I love the idea of 3 quilts from 3 yards! Thanks for the tutorial...I definitely made note of this pattern and idea!! :)Love it!