One Test Block Done

I finished the paper piecing test block.  I have a few things to tweak on how I construct the blocks to help with the pinning of the intersections so they aren't off as much as I see in this one. But here is my test block put together. I am happy that the size measures 12-1/2" x 12-1/2"!


With the leftover pieces that I cut off the paper piecing I placed them on a piece of batting with the idea that I would do "inchies" as described by Angie Padilla on her blog HERE

After laying the pieces in a hodge-podge, I placed a piece of very light blue wedding tulle over the pieces on the batting, pinned and took it to my sewing machine. I used a metallic thread with a white/hollographic look to stitch all over the tulle to keep all the pieces in. This is when I decided to make a mug rug. I trimmed the sewn piece into a wedge form. Spray basted the back and added some leftover fabrics for a backing. I sewed some straight lines vertically to hold all the layers together.  Finally binding was added. I will post tomorrow how I did this--it was so easy!

Save your scraps for your own mug rug!

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OPQuilt said...

Okay, now you are doing another technique I want to try: using tulle as an overlay to keep pieces in place. Is there a trick to this that I should know about?

Elizabeth E.