Organizing and W of B Block


As I mentioned the other day, I would post a few photos of the organizing I have been doing in my studio with the help of my son-in-law. I must say I was not sure about his plan to accomplish this task. But, for a few days, I left the area and let him pull it all out!. He asked me how I wanted to go about this or that, or what the purpose of this area would be. In the end, it has been very successful. I realize I can create, but didn't have the greatest knowledge of organizing. Now to keep it organized and get on with my creative projects!

The numerous and strangely folded fabric cuts have been folded into somewhat "standard" sizes and organized by color and/or contents so I can see some of the main print or color.

Walking in door to "storage room."
Batting in back corner. I have enough for soooooo many projects!
Moving into the room a bit further.
I will have plenty of fabric for many years of quilting.
Embellishments for sewing and card projects.
I have stacked drawers for scraps, each drawer catagorized by colors. This made it so easy to get fabrics for the Women of the Bible blocks I am making. I have my rubber stamps for card making (and fabric embellishment) in the Iris brand drawers at right.

A small desk area for planning, private journaling or design.

This table had been a collection spot piled up with so many things. I am happy I have reclaimed it for its original purpose--to hold my laptop and a spot for designing with EQStitch! 

Women of the Bible Block

I have Sarah's block done. 

I am working on Hagar's block and will to Lot's Wife's block soon. I am keeping up with the readings, but not the blocks. 


beaquilter said...

Ha! I thought I had a lot of fabric, not even half of yours from what I could see.
Nice block, keep at it.

Carol said...

Oh my gosh! I wish I had a fabric room like that!! Do you read Fabric Therapy blog? She has quite an amazing stash area too:)